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  2. Yeah, will try play asia or even e-shop.
  3. Semi-final #1: Chile vs. Portugal Wow! 3 straight saves from Bravo. Today semi-final #2: Mexico vs. Germany.
  4. Should be around $70+
  5. You could try eshop also. How much do games normally cost in canada eshop? Sent from my ONE E1003 using Tapatalk
  6. Any chance of chat returning?
  7. what systems you guys are playing on and whats your online/offline rank?
  8. Don't bother buying it from here..Get it from Amazon EU/US or Play-Asia.
  9. K
  10. Finished it last month and it is definitely one of the best Telltale games. Worth a shot.
  11. Any clue where can I find a switch version in India? Amazon shows more than 5K
  12. Today
  13. Yeah that one. Cleared the first dungeon and boss too. Wow what a unique dungeon. It was very fun.
  14. its not related to the tv series at all. the rival factions and characters are all new and except for the cameo's by some characters from the show you dont need to have followed the show to enjoy this.
  15. What time? I may be able to make it. P.S.: Massively Ultra-n00b here.
  16. Thanks for that, guys. Thing is, I like games made by Telltale. However, since I don't watch GoT, I had the confusion.
  17. Am guessing the lynel is the one uptop the mounatin next to I struggled initially with the lynels, but once i started to
  18. Friday night? I'm on.
  19. Encountered first Lynel. Got rekt multiple times. Decided to complete mission without being detected. This game reminds me of Dark Souls too. Damn this is like best game ever.
  20. Its just Sam and me who has access to the db, and with the new infra, you can access to db only from with the VPC, ie only from within the (web/app) server, not from the Internet. The webserver login doesn't have password authentication, relies only on ssh key authentication so brute-force via ssh isn't possible.
  21. exile
  22. Need some folks here too please.
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