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  1. Movie Discussion Thread

  2. This Damn Heat

    Look everybody is enjoying the weather and everyday is bright sunny here in ncr with few clouds here and there.
  3. Movie Discussion Thread

    My body is ready.
  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    Pretty faithful to the rebooted game isn't really a compliment since the game itself was a huge disappointment but I like these kind of movies and will probably watch the digital version once its out but only as a survival/adventure treasure hunting gone wrong type of movie instead of expecting a game based movie with fan service.
  5. Movie Discussion Thread

    Avengers next month
  6. Movie Discussion Thread

    No. It'll come automatically. I also watched original in around 2015 I think and few scenes and dialogues cleared most of the things if not everything. Of course, for best experience you should watch original first.
  7. Movie Discussion Thread

  8. Movie Discussion Thread

    These kind of movies put more emphasis on survival and horror elements and the building the environment is their main focus. I think its only fair to not expect something great in the climax.
  9. Movie Discussion Thread

    Yup, loved it. And I liked the ending, usually these kind of movies have this kind of ending. A pretty gripping movie from beginning to the end.
  10. Movie Discussion Thread

    Loved Black Panther. That car chase scene was amazing. Very well done! Overall action was pretty good and have to give props to the creative action team. They always bring something creative in each of their releases. Also, after a long long time and first time in NCR, I got to sit with pretty good audience which pretty cheerful in action scenes and very quite in other scenes. Just like I wanted. Marvel movies should be watched with cheerful audience.
  11. Movie Discussion Thread

    That's just lazy writing!
  12. Movie Discussion Thread

    Loved it in first viewing. Every bit of it. Not a single dull moment. By the way, few people on imdb had problem with gore, racism and sexism in the movie and rated it low because of that [emoji38] Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  13. Movie Discussion Thread

    Here we go again. For me, hateful eight was as good as any other Tarantino movie. Loved it as much as I loved his other works. It had everything a Tarantino movie should have. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  14. Movie Discussion Thread

    Amazing trailer but my biggest disappointment is their choice of ending this all in just one movie. At first it was announced in two parts. There has been a lot of build up, so the universe deserve two movies for the finale. But whats done is done. Trailer is Cap looking BADASS
  15. The Android Thread

    I really need to buy a phone fast of around 25k. I was hoping for a price drop of One Plus 5 or Pixel 1 to about 30k but that didn't happen. So, what are my choices apart from Xiaomi? That steel looking Moto phone for 20k wasn't convincing. Also, I hate this trend of 6 inch phones. Why not make a bezelless 5.5 inch phone with 5 inch body so that it can easily be used with one hand.