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  1. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Buwahah, f*ckin' Flipkart.
  2. What games are you currently playing?

    Just bought Mr. Marston off the Xbox backward compatibility sale and wow, the game looks like a PC port with the one X enhancement. Going for 100% this time. What an amazing game.
  3. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    I have an almost similar thing happen on my One X. However, this happens to my controller on random occasions and is quite infrequent. This only occurs when I use the 'Power saving' mode on shutdown option and switch the console off completely from the main outlet. It never happens when on 'Instant On' mode. I usually just solve it by holding down the sync button on top of the controller for a few seconds to have it paired up. Not a big nuisance, but definitely made me want to Google it to check if it's a known issue. Sadly, it's rather isolated and lesser known phenomenon.
  4. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Just finished binge watching Atypical's second season and wow that was even better than the first one. This might just be one of the most endearing and heart warming Netflix originals out there. They need to have more episodes in the next season. Wonderful show and highly recommended.
  5. What games are you currently playing?

    I wouldn't even try anything above normal mode.
  6. What games are you currently playing?

    Just done with the game. F*ckin' hell, Ares is still as difficult to beat as the first time I managed it on the PS2. This time I had every upgrade maxed out (health & Magic) and also all weapons and magic elements at max too. Took a few tries, but managed to take him down. I still remember during my PS2 days, when I first attempted this boss battle, the console froze on his final form (post the clone battle). I had already lost all my patience by then and was so frustrated that I wanted to throw the controller away. Switched the console off instead and re-tried after a small tea break. Will probably fire up the second game now.
  7. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    The second season is available now. I was actually waiting for it. Time to binge. Loved the first season.
  8. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Dam we need Bonnie MacFarlane too. A standout character in the first game.
  9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Watch the Noclip documentary to appreciate the amount of hard work that went into creating the Trilogy.
  10. What games are you currently playing?

    It most definitely is needed. These were Playstation 2 titles and the origins collection were PSP games. All of these were ported to PS3 by Bluepoint, who managed to bump the frame rate, but the resolution for the first 2 games were rendered at 720p. Even on PC with highest render resolution they look decent, but dated. A full remake from ground up just like Shadow of Colossus would be amazing. These titles definitely deserve it. "God of war 3 - decent story - compared to others" - This was the conclusion arc to Kratos's story. The first 2 games were entirely his journey on this vengeful quest. This was an extension of that and it also managed to humanize Kratos by adding Pandora, who he actually began to care. He was relentless in the first 2 games. "Poor ending" - How? "Average puzzles and platforming" - Platforming was never a huge draw in any of the titles. I mean even the thought of walking those spiked spinning blades room in 'Challenge of Hades' of the first game was ridiculous. Puzzles were balanced enough in III. "Average level design" - The level design was fine. The problem was the game had to use a restrictive path in and around mount Olympus.
  11. What games are you currently playing?

    That would be God of War III, but the first one was absolutely amazing too. They should remake all the previous games (first 2 and the Origins collection) on a better engine.
  12. What games are you currently playing?

    Re-playing God of War (the first one).
  13. What games are you currently playing?

    Agreed. Played it on the PS2 and absolutely loved it. Immediately picked up 'From Russia with Love' but that wasn't nearly as good as Everything or Nothing. Now that I think of it, we haven't had a decent Bond game in ages.
  14. Streets of Rage 4

    Haha! Tell me 'bout it. I mean the nostalgia fever hits me every once in a while and I end up just looking up videos of the NES classics. Exchanging cartridges was like a ritual for all of us. We'd be in school, playground, tuition etc and just exchange stuff. Then there would be some guy who'd always turn up with that 64-in-1 default cartridge and want the limited one with better games. Back then, unfortunately, I didn't even know this series (Streets of Rage) was on a different console system (Genesis). To all us poor naive souls, it was Nintendo and didn't even realize SEGA was a thing. This was another one of my favourites from back in the day. Absolutely spectacular:
  15. Streets of Rage 4

    I played the first 2 on the arcade machines to hell and back. This was one of my favourite brawlers/beat-em-up apart from Double Dragon & TMNT series. The OST in the originals games was awesome. Almost always used to pick Axel due to his moveset and alternate with Blaze when we'd team up for 2 players. I'm not entirely sold on the art style on this new game. Then again, I don't think it will re-create the feel of the classics. It should have been something like Scott Pilgrim V/S The World. That would have been amazing.