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  1. I was planning to fire this one up. I enjoyed Dead Rising 3 quite a lot. Never tried the first 2 games. So for those who have tried/completed this game, how is it?
  2. The semi open world is incorporated to accommodate the side quests and back tracking. Unlike the first game, you can switch back and forth in the game's core areas in the first half of the game rather easily. It also allows for rather open ended approach in battling the enemies. You can chose to ignore them or get into a fight and still have plenty of room to escape. It does seem to have a sense of urgency and constant tension which felt like it was lurking around in the first game. I guess it made sense in the grand scheme of things this game was trying to pull together. As for the performance analysis which Digital Foundry did above, I disagree with their assessment of keeping it locked on 30 on the GTX970. The average frame rate I was getting was close to 45fps, which is more than acceptable and definitely feels smoother than than 30 lock. Thankfully, I didn't encounter any stuttering like they experienced. 1080p Ultra worked just fine for me. For those who wish to bump up the difficulty, there is a mode to be unlocked post the completion of the game on any difficulty called 'Classic mode'. It's a revision of the already available difficulty mode called 'Nightmare' mode and here are it's insane requirements: and here I thought the Akumu mode in the first game was brutal. Also, here's the track I was talking about. Such a lovely piece of work:
  3. ...and done. Did a marathon session and finished it off. Amazing! The pace in second half was great. I absolutely loved the last 3-4 chapters. The soundtrack in the chapter 15 was absolutely amazing. Did every side quest, collected every collectible, all the keys, missed 2 ammo upgrade pouches (Crossbow & Sniper), but got all the others. For those interested in the story, I'm reiterating the importance of residual memories, especially chapter 15. I also got the 'Synaptic focus' & 'Bullet Cascade' by somehow miraculous gathering close to 100K green Gel thanks to opening all those lockers. These 2 skills pretty much make Seb extremely OP. Over-all, I loved the game. The first was something different altogether, it served the core horror element fabulously. But there was something missing; a story and heart to the character(s). This game completed that and thus made you connect to it. In the first game, I didn't give a rat's arse of what was going on and didn't even care about any characters. This game got me hooked right from the beginning and was easy to follow through. I see a lot of people hating Sebastian's voice in this game, I actually thought this VO did way better than the first, so did Kidman's VO. I do think there was room for improvement as far as the boss fights were concerned. The first game nailed those fights. This one did have them but some of them were just tease. The lack of enemy variety was also a bit disappointing. Also, the semi open world nature doesn't entirely work for this game. Going by the ending, I don't think there could be much more story to explore or even a sequel for that matter. They could do a DLC on some of the sub plots in the game. To me, it ended perfectly. Good job Tango Gameworks!
  4. Reached chapter 14 and very close to the end now. Maxed out my major skills trees and invested my weapons upgrades mainly into Pistol and Shot-gun. I really wanted to get the 'Synaptic focus' perk from the Combat skill tree, but the bloody thing costs 75000 green gel, which is insane. It would pretty much mean, we forego a lot of our other upgrades. I don't think I'll be able to get it in this play-through. But my brother with largely benefit with my save in his NG+ mode, which he specifically requested me to do. I'm practically handing him and "almost God" save.
  5. Region 2 is Europe. So US DLC won't work.
  6. 14 hours into the game and I'm on chapter 7. I'm spending a lot of time doing all the side tasks, exploring, gathering weapon parts, stalking and killing enemies, mini-games etc. I can't say that it's entirely better than the first game, but it's definitely a dam solid one. The first game had a intense atmosphere and the linear path meant you had to take out all the enemies. In this game, it's optional to get into an encounter. You can just sneak past almost everyone due to it's semi open-world nature. For some reason, I feel like this game draws a good amount of inspiration from Twin Peaks. I'd strongly recommend investing points into your stealth tree, especially if you wish you take that approach and perform those stealth kills. Also explore every nook and corner, if possible. The game has back-tracking, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to collect items which you might have missed. Melee attack is crap, so don't engage into any hand-to-hand fights unless you have an axe. Do the side missions and those residual memory points, which give you a quick rundown of what the hell is going on in the world you're in.
  7. Season 2 was much better than season 1. Aziz's dad steals the show. He's a true delight.
  8. Depends on which game uses them. There are titles which use Denuvo and still not been broken, for reasons unknown. It's currently the only *marginally* effective anti-tamper solution available to game developers/publishers. Just head out to the steam boards for any major releases and it will have at least 2-3 topics spawning around the inclusion of Denuvo.
  9. OK, so I just tried the first half an hour and the performance is a bit dodgy on this one. It's definitely way better than the first one and much better looking. However, It's not a locked 60fps on Ultra settings. The average hovers mostly around 45fps and thereabouts. The lowest I saw was 32 during some cutscene. The good part is that it doesn't feel jerky or stutter-ish at all. The game is very fluid. Tried toning down a few settings to Medium and it didn't seem to effect the frame rates at all, so no scaling there. Retaining Max settings for now. It has an in-game frame counter too complete with frame times and CPU usage, which is awesome. No black bars and FoV slider goes all the way up to 90. Love the atmosphere with this game. The start wasn't as tense as the first one. But this feels like a more grounded game in terms of storyline. So I'm probably expecting the scary bits in the latter part. Definitely not going to play it during day time. Going to do a night-only session.
  10. Yep and the ridiculous FoV.
  11. Post patch, yes. At launch, it was a complete mess.
  12. Man I'm so stoked for this game. Just hope they don't mess up the PC version this time. Going to start it straight away. Perfect Halloween experience.
  13. Yeah, it's funny how this game's elite weapons are directly purchasable. Slap on some purple mods and you're all set.
  14. If the below video is any indication of it's prospective location, then It shares a part of the map with the base game, which is locked out. Also, it's an open world game and releasing a stand alone version would not be a logical decision.