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  1. Official synopsis for Deadpool 2:
  2. Though I enjoyed the first episode, I'd say it's the weakest of the season and not something you can use to judge the show on. Not much happens in it and you don't get a good grasp of what the show's trying to be. Give it a couple more episodes to open up. The show's extremely well written with great characters and character development. Has some very good performances too. But even if after 2-3 episodes, you don't find yourself intrigued, then maybe it's just not for you.
  3. You actually get that achievement for taking a photo in 5 different regions. Anyway, more screens
  4. Speaking of attention to detail, did anyone notice how fire in tombs and caves sways away from the direction in which there's an opening? Thought it was a nice touch.
  5. By the Gods, Thor: Ragnarok is awesome! It is director Taika Waititi's movie through and through with his goofy Kiwi humour all over the place (in a good way). I know "all out humour" isn't what one would expect when you have a movie titled "Ragnarok" but accept it for what it is (like I did) and you're sure to have a blast. I know I did. Also, the crowd at my screening was great too. Everyone was hooting, laughing and cheering throughout. Such an atmosphere really adds that little extra to the movie which makes you love it even more. It's funny how after GOTG2, I was on the verge of giving up on Marvel. I thought I'd had enough of their overdone formula. But then came Homecoming and Ragnarok, both of which have entertained me thoroughly and have actually become two of my most favourite Marvel movies. Now I'm actually quite looking forward to the next Avengers.
  6. I know. Like I said, I didn't think the trailer was gratuitous at all.
  7. I think pretty much everyone playing the game here is guilty of that.
  8. I think people are offended with the fact that such a scene was used to market the game more than anything else and I guess it's understandable. I personally didn't think the trailer was anywhere near gratuitous though. I just hope the negative reactions don't make ND compromise their vision.
  9. Tried a bunch of different settings but it looks like I've become much too used to playing this at 45fps to go back to 30 now . I'm also playing it on a TV, sitting about 10-12 feet away. So the bump in visual fidelity isn't as noticeable to me as the framerate dip.
  10. GTX 970, i5 3550 and 16GB RAM. At 1080p and with most settings on High, I'm getting pretty much stable 45fps (except, of course, in Alexandria where my framerate dips to about 38-39). I could probably get better numbers with a better CPU.
  11. Time just flies by when playing this beautiful game. Just ended an almost 5hr session. All compressed screenshots :\
  12. Press up on your d-pad while the map is opened. There are multiple options for what icons should be visible. You can see them at the bottom right of the map.
  13. Getting a pretty stable 45 fps with most settings on High and a couple on Medium/Very-High with a 970 and i5 3550. I'm satisfied with that coz the game looks absolutely stunning, especially at dawn with the sunlit fog rolling in. As far as the game itself goes, it has turned out to be everything I'd hoped for with tons of interesting sh*t to do and explore in a truly captivating setting with a strong sense of place. I can already see this eating up a major chunk of my free time for the next few weeks. EDIT: I was initially getting stuck in an infinite loading screen. Verifying the game cache fixed it for me.
  14. Enjoy it mate Not long to go for us either