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  1. Movie Discussion Thread

  2. Burnout Paradise

    Costs around 2.4K on PSN. Yeah...I'm gonna wait for a sale as well. Would have gladly bought a remaster of Takedown or Revenge for the same price Day 1.
  3. Movie Discussion Thread

  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    I do wanna see But I guess I'm ok with this. Will watch it this weekend. Thanks man
  5. Movie Discussion Thread

    Surprised to see The Shape of Water releasing here this weekend. But with it being rated R for sexual content and graphic nudity, it's probably better to just wait for the digital release on Feb 27. I still wanna see it on the big screen though
  6. God of War

    Ah, bummer then :\
  7. God of War

    There's slightly extra footage in this video. Is it just me or does it look like the game's running at 60fps? Also, I love the wide, static camera angles in this. It looks so beautiful.
  8. Movie Discussion Thread

  9. Movie Discussion Thread

    Even though it was 2 minutes long, it barely showed us anything. Don't know what to make of it. ------ Anyway, here's a clip from Isle of Dogs. Gotta love Wes Anderson.
  10. Movie Discussion Thread

    ^Yup. Not much in it though :\
  11. Movie Discussion Thread

    "I got the stones to help you" Have to admit. I didn't realize at first this joke was referencing the infinity stones. ------ Out tomorrow on Netflix.
  12. Movie Discussion Thread

    Niiice! So is the movie actually titled "Deadpool, meet Cable"? Would love it if it is.
  13. Movie Discussion Thread

    I don't think this guy can match up to Ford's portrayal of Solo and weirdly I'm at peace with that. I'm OK with him doing his thing and I just want him to give a good performance. And it's probably a given but I'm hoping the character is shown to be more morally grey. I've had my fill of all the goody-two-shoes protagonists in big-budget blockbusters. I wasn't very big on the idea of a Han Solo movie back when it was announced but after seeing this trailer, I'm excited about it. I see the potential for a very fun movie/series. ----- ‘Game Of Thrones’ Duo Benioff & Weiss To Pilot New ‘Star Wars’ Movie Series I'll probably be in the minority when I say, "Bring it on!"
  14. Shadow of the Colossus Remake

    Not that this game needed this video, but here it is anyway. I hope my copy gets delivered by this weekend.