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    This is Awesome. Must see
  2. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    HBO Series.
  3. The Formula 1 Thread

  4. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Viggo Mortenson is playing Aragorn again Tears Fu ck yeah
  5. Forza Motorsport 7

    Congrats. Its the same lap that you posted here?
  6. Fu ck this digital bullshit and fu ck that Xblive and psn. Fu cking bullshit services forcing you to pay to play.
  7. Gran Turismo Sport

    5 secs is too much difference. Be better boi
  8. Gran Turismo Sport

    How to check if ffb is working or not? I mean what is ffb, how does it work. So far i haven't felt any difference with the car and tarmac connection
  9. God of War Spoiler Thread

    Wow that was some fight bro. Excellent.
  10. Gran Turismo Sport

    T300 is out of question I agree that its super fun. Nurburgring GP was so easy to drive i cant tell you. Wow. That is awesome work Riley
  11. Gran Turismo Sport

    @papun1055Yup started with automatic transmission as first i want to get the feel of steering input and throttle. With Assists off, throttle input is crucial or its a spin. Many times i braked instead of accelerate Love the gentle throttle over turns. @funnyadit Nope no shifter. Dont think it adds that much value. Fine with wheel shift. What is that Torque setting though?
  12. Gran Turismo Sport

    Thanks @Pacifier and @funnyadit. Its doesn't shake while playing,firmly intact so i guess no issues. So played about 2 hours with the Wheel. At first the car just wouldn't turn so controller sensitivity all the way to 7 and its great now. Driving is so much easier witn Wheel. Some turns with controller were such a pain and with the wheel its just so smooth now. Although i am slower than the ds4 times but i guess it will improve with time. Managed 1:32:620 with ds4 at Interlagos and 1:33:689 with Wheel. A sec slower but will get there. Nurburgring is just great with Wheel. Heres the video of my first race with Wheel. Was quite slow After the overtake, he cruised to victory so only till lap 4 i saved What is this toque setting? What does it do?
  13. Gran Turismo Sport

    Yup. Paci has it. @Pacifier Please comment.
  14. Gran Turismo Sport

    Guys shall i return this? One of holder seems loose. Could it give problem in the long run?
  15. The Football Thread

    My first game when a different manager is managing Arsenal. There won't be Arsene this time Merci Arsene. Its time for a new Beginning.