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    This is just unbelievable. The Balls to reboot entire franchise upside down when the last game didn't do that well and then becoming a benchmark for other games 5 million in a month GOW bundle the most sold Hardware sales increase Its like a dream for Sony. The Hype for Sequel will be crazy by that ending. Also i expect whole norse mythology to be unleashed in the second game which will be even more epic. Combat is already set lol.

    Yup. I keep saying it too. Boi and be better are like takiya kalam now 2 million digital sales. Wow https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-05-24-fortnite-god-of-war-break-monthly-revenue-records-superdata
  3. Announce BB2 now. Enough is enough. Last of us 2, Tshusima, Death Stranding and Blood Borne 2 this E3. Holy Smokes
  4. Detroit: Become Human - READ OP BEFORE POSTING

    Ps plus it is then How was until dawn rated? That was awesome.
  5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    This. 17 was one of the best footie games ever. It pwned fifa that year. Last year was a disappointment for me. Didn't have much value. Fifa was better. Lets see this year.
  6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    Kya mazak hai
  7. The Football Thread

    Welcome to Arsenal Unai Emery Totally Wenger's Signing. Happy with the selection. Absolutely didn't want Arteta or Simeone. Welcome Wenger swapping with psg now?
  8. State of Decay 2

    MS ka klpd ho gaya. Bhut confidence tha shitty policies mein , ho gya na ab dhokha. Hopefully we get a new ip like a Halo or Gears this E3. If Sony can why can't MS do it.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Dammm no haarcb now Until next year for the lulz
  10. The full gameplay reveal was sh*t but yes it was promising.
  11. State of Decay 2

    waah ek aur klpd Sea of thieves got company now Ajeeb pagal company hai yaar
  12. Uncharted did 10 million plus Horizon will do so as well God of War will go past 10 million also That's 30 million of software sales. Humongous number with just 3 games. Plus the hardware these games move is another plus. What do we learn? Quality SP games are here to stay. What does MS do? Backs sea of thieves and cancels Scalebound Now no Matter what MS shows this E3, Sony has already won E3 with ND showing up and other first party games. Absolute baboons at MS. Just give a dev a 4-5 year cycle to build a game from scratch. They need atleast 3-5 new ips.
  13. Dreams

    95 meta incoming