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  1. 3 hrs back, that's why said try your luck. They might give more so watch out.
  2. Jill looks HOT man! She's burning everyone (literally in game). She looks classic in those classic outfit. The game is about avoiding the infected whose trying to touch you without washing their hands. She's teaching how to social distance ourselves. .. The only downside which I've come across so far is gore and dismemberment. And what the fkuc is wrong with shadows settings? Eating a huge chunk of VRAM and giving almost no difference between high and max. I'm max on everything except shadows which is on high. Some shots..
  3. Looking at the circumstances the game is going to get hit by sales, if it would've release on other platforms alongside it might've got the expected sales. Knowing SE they'll be have crazy expectations, lel.
  4. Heaven Angel

    Doom Eternal

    Practice man, practice. It's easy to learn but hard to master.
  5. I've yet to download, they didn't gave preload option.
  6. It looks good and all but It hurts to see Joel old
  7. This is going to be a good one for souls like rpg lovers.
  8. Heaven Angel

    Doom Eternal

    And I was planning to buy this on console
  9. Heaven Angel

    Gears 5

    Yea, the progression system was bad. Grindy and they even promoted to buy microtransactions. Hence, i lost my desire to play more. Singleplayer was fun, I did enjoy that.
  10. Yes, can't wait to play on hardcore.
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