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  1. Heaven Angel


    Well, I just got the LLP info and going to the complex (2nd time) and learnt about some infusion. Unlocked Juliannaaaaaa! but not going to invade as of yet. Still need to learn much more about the game and powers. Took out dozens of enemies in Library in Updaam (2nd time) without any powers. It was fun!
  2. Got to say the weapons in this game are interesting.
  3. Heaven Angel


    Just got these awesome pairs! Tip: Ballistic Turrets are freaking life savers! If you know how to put them in use.
  4. Saw this yesterday, our guy gained some weight and muscles.
  5. Heaven Angel


    Discovering new things in any games never gets old.
  6. Keep an eye on your minimap always, even in fights.
  7. Well, I wait for the lamiadon (bat) to attack so that I can one hit melee them. You'll have to time it perfectly tho.
  8. Heaven Angel


    NPC blocks the windows and even backdoors of a building if they catch you sneaking. Making it difficult for you to break in.
  9. Heaven Angel


    uhhh, source vorse hai ya mann ki baat?
  10. Heaven Angel


    Woah, that sound exciting. I need to unlock invade/juliannaa. Reached the complex first time.
  11. Avid gamer eh.. The f**k .. 57 hours and got plat. RNG gods blessed you. I can't find 1 cypher in biome 5 I think 4 cyphers in biome 6 and few others in 1,2 and 3 completed 4. no time to grind. sucks!
  12. Jab dikhega nahi to pata kaise chalega.. I was off this forum for months I think. When I remembered I had pre-ordered Deathloop then I came back. Even my first playthrough I wasn't comfortable with any other weapon, my fav was Carbine and Hollowseeker. I mostly got in with pistol. But still haven't got my platinum. Grind is a pain.
  13. I can't fathom how people have cool cousins like his. Mine's are an a*s.
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