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  1. VelivolusDas

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Fix on the way, I guess.
  2. VelivolusDas


    Absolutely terrible. Disgusting.
  3. VelivolusDas

    The TV Decision Making thread

    @Patthar: Congrats! You can easily sideload Amazon Prime on an Android TV. Just search for the Prime Video APK for Nvidia Shield and sideload that.
  4. VelivolusDas

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Galaxy Fold delayed indefinitely. New release date to be announced in the coming weeks.
  5. VelivolusDas

    Wrestling fans

    Right. My bad.
  6. VelivolusDas

    Wrestling fans

    Not sure if he is joining AEW full-time or not but at All Or Nothing, he is gonna face Cody Rhodes.
  7. VelivolusDas

    Mortal Kombat 11

  8. VelivolusDas

    Mortal Kombat 11

    IGN has already uploaded all the story cutscenes on their YT and it's ~4.5 hours long. People buying it for the story can watch that.
  9. VelivolusDas


    Respect++ For finally accepting it.
  10. VelivolusDas

    The Football Thread

    Just when it was the best week when other teams lost, we went ahead and lost too.
  11. VelivolusDas

    Best Educational Games for Kids ?

    Smart As... for the PS Vita was quite awesome. It's more for 7-10 year olds, I think and may not appeal to most kids younger than that. But if at all possible, give it a chance.
  12. VelivolusDas

    Streaming Services thread

    Wow, I did not know all of that. Kinda feel silly now. But yeah, will give it a go. Thanks!
  13. VelivolusDas

    Streaming Services thread

    Don't mean to sound demeaning or anything, but if someone hasn't seen Erased, the anime is far better to watch first. Tried watching the live-action thing on Netflix. Barely finished the first episode.
  14. VelivolusDas

    The Football Thread

    "404 Not Found"
  15. VelivolusDas

    The Football Thread

    First 50 matches in all competitions, not just the league.