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  1. There are parts of the game (the one big death) that could have happened in a way that felt more impactful, and the epilogue is a little weak, but as a story, honestly, its the high point in the medium. Most games are just cutscenes pretending to be movies. The story of TLOU2 could only be told in a video game. The middle point was one of the most WTF moments I have had in games, when you realize who you are playing as (and what the game is trying to do) where I had to stop playing just so I could go for walk I was so shocked. No game has made me feel those feelings of disgust, shock, shame, horror and sadness at the things Elle and ____ (and you are doing with the controller).
  2. zen

    Elden Ring

    Try to finish till the Stormveil Castle. It gets a while to get in the rhythm of the game but once you do its superb. Its seems like its very popular and reached the mainstream now.
  3. zen

    Elden Ring

    This was bugged for me. I died and then suddenly my mimic got a 30k dps on the boss killing him immediately.
  4. zen

    Elden Ring

    Caria Manor. Arguably the most important quest starts once you finish that area. Liurnia is personally a fav area in the game, really worth exploring all parts.
  5. zen

    Elden Ring

    Kind of getting bored of the Moonveil/Mage build. What are the best Faith/Dex weapons?
  6. zen

    Elden Ring

    makes sense, wasn’t her dead boyfriend a wolf?
  7. zen

    Elden Ring

    Lol 80 hrs in and haven’t even seen/heard of most of this stuff. This is how you make an open world, feels huge, mysterious, unending with more skippable quests than anything.
  8. zen

    Elden Ring

    I use a sword with poison build up on him, got him to about half when he starts doing the lightning attacks and ran away. He dies by himself. You could also just poison him from behind using poison mist.
  9. zen

    Elden Ring

    For the amount of FP it uses, early spells are useless.
  10. zen

    Elden Ring

    If its about whether it messes up a quest, it doesn’t make a difference whether you beat Rennalla or not.
  11. zen

    Elden Ring

    I’m at the same and he was one-shotting me. Decided to do the other areas and come back at 70 or so.
  12. zen

    Elden Ring

    The jellyfish is pretty awesome as a distraction and most boss hits pass through it. The wolves work for mages and spell casting bosses for high stagger damage.
  13. zen

    Elden Ring

    It's actually the easiest souls game I have ever played. No bosses have really been too much a challenge. Summons is basically OP.
  14. zen

    Elden Ring

    I feel half the fun is feeling like the game is so BIG that you are missing out even when you are actually moving through and doing as much as you can. I feel like I've done Limgrave for 30hrs, the whole map is filled with sites of grace, but I still hear mention of bosses, NPC side quests and dungeons I still haven't even seen. I don't feel FOMO, just feel that this is an infinite game with more content than any before. Other open world games should feel embarrassed after what this one pulled off.
  15. zen

    Elden Ring

    At Stormveil castle after Margit? Check the side area to talk to an NPC. Otherwise if you're done with the main boss, Godfrey, head out to Liurnia. The castle is also manoeuvrable via jumping around to reach different areas.
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