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  1. zen


    That Gamespot review has a major late stage spoiler in the video version.
  2. zen


    Really digging this game. Gives a lot of Dark Souls vibes in how the station opens into each area, and how so much of the story happens in the background.
  3. zen


    Ammo is scarce, at least on higher difficulty. You can increase the yield you get from items to get more ammo, tbh I'm half way through, I avoid a lot of combat, but it never gets easy. The game basically gives you a gigantic satellite in space that you can explore from inside and outside by floating around it in zero-g. Its pretty amazing.
  4. zen


    For an FPS, the side missions have a lot of variety, and add details to the main story. Compare this to the 100's of glorified fetch quests in something like ME4.
  5. zen


    Are the missions time/progression sensitive? (Mild Spoiler)
  6. zen


    Played the pre-loaded section of the game. An hour in and still no gun, but its all pretty fascinating. Gives a real System Shock vibe. My main issue is that there is a lag on the PS4, which is especially irritating when you have to swing at mimics.
  7. zen

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Yeah the reason for the apocalypse was pretty basic, and I had a vague idea of where the game's plot would go & who the villains would be even before I played it. But without getting into spoilers, I still had to wiki a bunch of the terminology towards the end. I think the people complained more about lack of interesting characters than the actual plot, which is actually pretty interesting if you like Sci-fi.
  8. Horizon zero dawn has a beautiful world filled with incredible combat. It's as polished as games get. But W3 will be a landmark for gamers, the way HL2 is now. It's as good as games get.
  9. FU Witcher! Ruined games for me. Every other games seems almost apologetic in front of it.
  10. zen

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    The story is surprisingly good, intriguing and I kind of want to barrel through the main quests to find out what happened.
  11. More and more this looks like a canceled independent game on Steam. How the hell does this end up feeling like it looks worse than the original games?
  12. You can't show off what you don't have.
  13. zen

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    The first tribe is a matriarchy for story reasons. All other tribes you visit or talk to laugh about women warriors/women rulers; there are even guard dialogues among the Carja you hear when you roam around the city. And people are talking as if Alloy is jacked up on 'roids Tank running around with dual-RPGs. The combat focus is towards stealth and speed for a reason. As for men being bad guys, in a pre-historic society of hunters, i would have honestly expected a lot more rape and murder from them.
  14. zen

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Reached . What a friggin disappointment. I've seen better cities in childrens drawings. Empty streets, the houses are locked and its filled with invisible barriers. Random village in TW3 had more character and personality. Even the open world is closer to MGS: phantom pain in how barren it feels. Stay for the combat in this game, nothing else to see here other than that.
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