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  1. Played a few hours, only the second game I’ve played this year since RE4. Don’t have as much time as I used to. Absolutely beautiful to look at and addictive gameplay. Really glad I got it.
  2. zen

    Resident Evil 4

    Starting this, never played the original, but I’ve played the remakes and the new games. I’m using this to calibrate an OLED TV. Does this feel a little washed out on the PS5? Doesn’t feel as pretty as the other RE remakes.
  3. Yes C2. Took a dead tv I have in exchange as well. Came to about 1.62 on my card.
  4. So after all discounts, getting an LG OLED 65 inch for 1.60l. Good price? Seems I can’t get them to go down further.
  5. They need to give a button to switch off Mimir’s constant chattering. Literally never shuts up.
  6. I don’t understand how and why people rush through these games instead of making them last. It isn’t like you get AAA games every month.
  7. My wife walks in and said “didn’t you already play this game?” The first few hours are ditto like the first game, down to the same area and even similar plotline. Hopefully picks up when you leave. The one improvement feels like in enemy variety and combat: even at normal, I’ve died a few times and have to be alert of the surroundings. The boss battles are fun.
  8. Pacing of the game feels off. It both feels very long and at the same time nothing really happens.
  9. Agree. Looks next gen but feels like a game that would have come out 15 years ago. Very try-hard extreme violence and gore that feels dated now days.
  10. Bought this on a whim, never played the first. Gorgeous game and the stealth is genuinely stressful.
  11. zen


    Finished Act 3. When I started this game I was ? sure I was going to drop it because it was too tough. It takes a while but eventually even the deaths don’t bother you much. Epic boss in B4. After you start biome 4, it becomes fairly easy. Is there anything to do after Act 3?
  12. There are parts of the game (the one big death) that could have happened in a way that felt more impactful, and the epilogue is a little weak, but as a story, honestly, its the high point in the medium. Most games are just cutscenes pretending to be movies. The story of TLOU2 could only be told in a video game. The middle point was one of the most WTF moments I have had in games, when you realize who you are playing as (and what the game is trying to do) where I had to stop playing just so I could go for walk I was so shocked. No game has made me feel those feelings of disgust, shock, shame, horror and sadness at the things Elle and ____ (and you are doing with the controller).
  13. zen

    Elden Ring

    Try to finish till the Stormveil Castle. It gets a while to get in the rhythm of the game but once you do its superb. Its seems like its very popular and reached the mainstream now.
  14. zen

    Elden Ring

    This was bugged for me. I died and then suddenly my mimic got a 30k dps on the boss killing him immediately.
  15. zen

    Elden Ring

    Caria Manor. Arguably the most important quest starts once you finish that area. Liurnia is personally a fav area in the game, really worth exploring all parts.
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