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~The TV Shows Thread~


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Veronica Mars season 4 was nice even after all these years. Enjoyable from start and the cast remained the same which was good to see as well.
However the ending...what a downer. Z63GrMv.png 

Killing off Logan was just too much. That too right after getting married. Really wanted a happy ending for Veronica.

Not reading the spoiler as I am till episode 4 by now. It's good and really enjoyable. Let's see about that ending.

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Netflix. Narcos: Mexico. 


I didn't really like Narcos, the first season. I thought it was too documentary-ish, and was quite slow in large parts. I was bored while watching it, I don't remember most of it, and I didn't want to watch anything further in this series. I haven't watched any other season in that timeline. 

Then this one guy was talking about Narcos Mexico, and he's lived a somewhat narco life, and how that show is "the tits". And so I thought I'd give it a go. 

I'm glad I did. 


The show is f**king magnificent. Talk about showcasing strength of the medium, and this one exemplifies how a 9-10 hour timeline can be deeply engrossing. The characters, the camerawork, the setting, and the writing, all are top notch. I just finished it last night and it's still a bit bungled in my head, but I know a show has had an impact on me if by the end of it, I reminisce about the beginning. About how the characters were introduced, and what position in their screen life they were in in the first or second episodes, and how they closed it out.  


It does get a bit slow in the middle episodes, seemingly showing incidents which wouldn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but the last three episodes are a masterclass in 'ramping sh*t up'. 

I've been reading a bit, since this is based on real life happenings, and from what I've read, the makers have actually toned stuff down compared to what happened IRL. Chills. 


Before this, I was only looking forward to the next from Better Call Saul. And to some extent, Archer. Now this one moves to the top of that waitlist. 


This show is a great way to spend 10 or so hours of your life. It's got a lot of twists, is ruthless, and deeply melancholic. As a big bonus, it made me care about a lead character way too much for comfort. Watch it. 



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Netflix launches mobile-only streaming plan in India for less than $3 per month



Limited to just a smartphone or tablet


Netflix is launching a mobile-only version of its streaming service in India today. The lower-priced plan will cost Rs 199 ($2.80) per month, and it’s restricted to a single mobile device with standard 480p streams. While the new tier is only launching in India today, Netflix has hinted it would test the service in select countries so it could expand further in the future. The announcement comes just days after Netflix revealed a mobile-only service would launch in Q3.



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39 minutes ago, Aftrunner said:

I am halfway through The Terror. It is legit fantastic bros. 


Also between this and Chernobyl I might have a bit of a man crush on Jared Harris. 

How come so late for Terror ? Fantastic show nonetheless.

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Watching bojack horseman. On season 4 right now. The show is legit one of the best shows out there. It's dark and depressing and f**king hysterical at the same time. The voice acting is top notch and there is also some brilliant visual comedy sprinkled in between scenes and in the background. 

But the part where the show truly shines is how realistic it is in a way no other show is. 

The way this show depicts depression, anxiety is commendable. 

The characters are all flawed and struggling with their own demons while making you laugh all the time. 

A must watch for everyone. 

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Guys. The Boys on Prime running on my mobile screen (16:1) is only showing up in half of my screen like all four corners are cut. I can live with top and bottom black cut but this is annoying. Every other show is working fine. I tried zooming in but its not doing anything. Anyone else having this issue? Help.

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