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Far Cry 6

Ichigo Uzumaki

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On 11/3/2021 at 9:23 AM, Heaven Angel said:


Yep, can't say it's mediocre. Watching these games on videos and actually playing this on your television can figure out the difference and it's day and night. I'm playing kena and it's thousands times better between whatt I've seen in videos and screenshots and what I'm experiencing personally. 

Youtube compression is terrible, that's why there is a huge difference. twitch compression is far better. That's why I don't judge how a game looks based on yt videos only. I try it myself

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Game keeps crashing for me dunno why, have contacted Ubi support, the rep said he'll mail me some steps to trouble shoot and says it most likely some sort of software conflict...

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28 minutes ago, hsk_colossus said:

Is this better on ps5 or XSX ? Have to decide on which platform to get it for 

If got it for Xbox then we might be able to co-op. Heard co-op makes this game more funnier with all the 'typical ubisoft bugs' 

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