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Forza Motorsport


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17 hours ago, WhiteWolf said:

Real time ray tracing on track bitches. No other console racing game can do this lol


I was a bit skeptical when they said that. Are you sure they didn't mean for replay or something?

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5 minutes ago, SRINI87 said:

ray tracing in actually gameplay.

You can make out from that Gameplay clip itself


That'll be cool. Though the gameplay they showed was itself a replay, right?

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Forza Motorsport demo was captured on PC not XSX as stated in the trailer


Editor’s Note (June 14): We incorrectly stated that the Forza Motorsport demo was captured in-game on Xbox Series X. The demo was captured in-game on PC, and also tested on Xbox Series X for the same visual quality output. We have corrected this in the article.



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On 6/14/2022 at 5:30 PM, CarbonCore said:


I want to play FM on big TV and its a pain to run the cable from PC to the TV every time. 

Bro 3060 will struggle to run this at max


Just get SX. Don't even think just buy it :P

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Even I've 3060ti , it's good enough for 1440p/40-60fps for cyberpunk level of detail, if you're looking for 4k/60fps consistently in such games, then yeah, maybe 3080/3090 might help.

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22 hours ago, Assassins Creed said:


Animated GIF


and you were bragging so much about your mobile 3050 :P 

I don't have 3050. I have 3060 8gb.



I just want him to get SX then he will stop hating :wink2:. 





I have forza both on SX and PC, i played it for few hours  took screenshots and then never went back to it. I do same with Motorsport xD.

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