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  1. The Football Thread

    Also what a utterly negative football united played in the first half? second half was atleast Ok
  2. The Football Thread

    Can't see city dropping the title
  3. The Football Thread

    Man city toyed with united. But what a way to concede that goal.
  4. The Football Thread

    That was entertaining last 5 mins. But what a sh*t play by united on the break
  5. Shadow of the Colossus Remake

    PUBG developers remaking this?
  6. The Football Thread

    West ham beat chelsea
  7. The Graphics Card thread

    Not as big jump as Maxwell to Pascal. May be Ti will be better for gaming than this
  8. IVG community upgrade and changes

    Yo new look
  9. Grand Theft Auto V

    yo jet pack. but will it be available in single player cheats
  10. The Graphics Card thread

    NVIDIA Titan V Volta GPU and HBM2 Memory Powered Graphics Card Announced – 5120 Cores, 12 GB HBM2 VRAM, $3000 US Price NVIDIA has just announced their latest Titan graphics card based on the Volta GPU architecture, the Titan V. The NVIDIA Titan V features the latest GPU technologies such as the 12nm Volta GPU architecture coupled with lots of HBM2 memory. NVIDIA Titan V Announced – A $3000 US Juggernaut Featuring 5120 CUDA Cores, 12 GB HBM2 VRAM and Full 12nm Volta GPU Architecture The NVIDIA Titan V graphics card features the latest 12nm Volta GPU architecture and as such, it is infused with the latest technologies that NVIDIA has to offer. Featured in the Titan family, the GPU will be aiming the prosumer market and as such, you can expect a really hefty price as this bad boy will cost $3000 US. https://wccftech.com/nvidia-titan-v-volta-gpu-hbm2-announcement/ $3000 lol but the specs are monstrous