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  1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Looks like its been downgraded https://www.dsogaming.com/news/kingdom-come-deliverance-appears-to-have-been-downgraded-from-its-stunning-pc-beta-version/
  2. Assassin's Creed: Origins

  3. The Graphics Card thread

    RUMOR: NVIDIA Ampere GA104 GPU Powering ‘GeForce GTX 2080’ and ‘GeForce GTX 2070’ Launching In April, Mass Production Has Begun And GP102 is EOL The leak season for NVIDIA’s upcoming Ampere architecture is officially open for business. Fresh from 3DCenter, a rumor which states that the next generation lineup for NVIDIA will be based not on Volta, but on the Ampere micro-architecture. Not only that, but if the rumor is to be believed then GP102 has already been transitioned to EOL (End of Life) and will be replaced with the GA series soon. NVIDIA’s Ampere micro-architecture will succeed Pascal, GA104 GPU allegedly launching on April 12, GP102 production has halted Let me begin by saying that this news is a nothing but a rumor at this point – its not even a leak. There is a very good reason this is tagged as ‘rumor’ and not a leak or an exclusive so if unverified rumors aren’t your cup of tea, now would be the time to get off. For those that are still here, lets start with the GP102 chip. The GP102 Pascal chip is the flagship product for the commercial segment and according to the report it has already been shifted to EOL status which basically means that production on the GPUs have stopped and no more will be made. According to the report, GP102 entered EOL status sometime in the beginning of November last month https://wccftech.com/nvidia-ampere-ga104-gpu-geforce-gtc-2070-gtx-2080-launching-april/
  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    Venom Trailer today?
  5. Movie Discussion Thread

  6. The Cricket Thread

    2 runs needed and they take lunch wtf lol
  7. The Football Thread

    Sanchez is not cool headed
  8. Movie Discussion Thread

    wrong thread :|
  9. The Graphics Card thread

    Is that 1080Ti or NON Ti? Looks like non ti price
  10. IVG is Back!!!

    Why was it down Btw?
  11. The Football Thread

    Arsenal's front looks strong now.
  12. The Football Thread

    So Mkhitaryan to arsenal Sanchez to united
  13. The Football Thread

    Wing back BTW entertaining match between LIV & city so far