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The TV Decision Making Thread


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If you're buying big, like 40" and above - Go for plasma. For smaller models, you'll have to decide based on contrast ratio, pixel density, saturation, and room size.


That's what I gathered from the other threads anyway :fear:

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Always wanted this thread........ I'm planning to buy THIS LCD very soon........ Probably next week itself...........


Comments please.......... :bigyellowgrin:

I have a similar model, am pretty pleased with its performance so far. The picture quality is good but the sound this shitty. Go for it if you have a good sound system. :good:

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You say plasma is the way to go. How about some points which support this statement? I am not trying to start a war or something, just curious, for I am planning to upgrade my TV in a few months time.

Plasma - better colours, instant refresh rate, better contrast. Plasma always has better image quality. Drawback is that it's heavier and consumes more power. For smaller than 40" it's hard to find a good plasma because there LCDs can still have full HD resolution but plasmas don't.

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