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Most Anticipated Games of 2012


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Hitman - i m sure this is gonna effed up

MGS:Rising - neah

Assassins Creed 3 - no. its gonna be sequel to acr

TLG - not happening

COD - its treyarch's turn

Starhawk - ok another PS3 exclusive

ME3 - neah and its going down

Twisted Metal - seriously?

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Me for sure am looking forward to Max Payne 3 and Hitman

Am I the only one kinda apprehensive about the new Hitman? It sorta deviates from

what the franchise is about.. sorta feels like Splinter Cell; Which in turn has become just

another run-n-gun sadly.


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This is probably the nth time I'm posting this in a thread which asks for "your most anticipated game........"


But what the hell.......


It is TLG..... TLG..... TLG..... TLG..... TLG...... TLG......


And I'm pretty confident that it'll release in 2012 and be the GOTY....... :wOOtjumpy: :wOOtjumpy: :wOOtjumpy:

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