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I got motion sickness from Resident Evil, so bad that I ended up puking an hour later. Glad there was a demo to try out before I bought the game. This was the only game that affected me. I played: Horizon, GT7, Puzzling Places, Kayak and RE 8.

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53 minutes ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


Stupid comparison. The fans would have bought it M1. Now what ? They can't expect the same number of sales to continue. 

Why not? 

VR2 is a proper VR headset unlike the original that was put together with whatever stuff they had lying around. 270K within a month despite launching in a bad time, with few more games and holiday push beating VR1 sales shouldn't be difficult. The headset hasn't even launched in a lot of markets. 

Also, lots of newcomers to VR, like me, waiting for an official launch here in India. 

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Here's my VR story. 


October, 2016 waiting outside of a Gamestop in Jackson, MS(USA) at midnight and getting my hands on PSVR1. Was super excited to try it out. Blown away by the immersion but the hassle of setting it up everytime and having some neck issues along with not getting used to “VR legs” properly made the headset just sit on the shelf for next few years. However, when I visited my home country India some time in 2017 my family and friends were all blown away by the experience and to this date their reaction videos give me so much joy!


It’s 2021 and I moved back to India during Covid. I was glad that I took my PS5 with me to India as the availability of the console here was worse than the US. Flat gaming was fun but I was excited about the announcement of PSVR2.

I wanted to give it a try again after the amazing reviews it got before and after the release. Well I kept waiting for the official release to happen in India but no official date was announced. Any few headsets that were sold at local market were all imported and were sold at a high price.


Lucikly a friend of mine was visiting India and he was super nice to bring the headset. I know I wouldn’t be having any warranty if there are any issues but I still risked it. I even ordered honsvr prescription lenses for a better experience. Also ordered some lens protectors in case any of my friends with glasses wanted to try it.


Finally got my hands on this last week and before I say I was blown away by the immersion, the best positive is how easy the setup was and how nice the controllers are! Also I’m experiencing only slight neck issues and I’m slowly pacing myself here by playing games for shorter periods. I ordered deluxe comfort strap from studioformcreative to increase the comfort level.


Excited for the journey! Here is a small clip of me trying out some demos. (Apologize if we are not allowed to share videos).


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Can we create a player pool of all PSVR2 players in India like a discord server?, I'm afraid it could be in single digits now but then again we all could play games like Pavlov and have fun. 

I'm new to this forum, apologies if there is already one. 

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2 hours ago, Teja said:

but the hassle of setting it up everytime

+1. Biggest issue with last gen PSVR. Had to stop playing because of it. Everything else was amazing. By the end of the gen, its library also had become quite good and varied.

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Gave it 10/10 :dance:



Another game, Humanity, is currently sitting at 86 meta. If all the VR devs of the world keep working hard like this for the next couple of years then VR may be able to get approval even from VaibhavP :)

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