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Lost Judgment, the sequel to hit legal thriller Judgment, releases worldwide on September 24, 2021






Xbox Series X|S

Xbox One



Lost Judgment To Receive Season Pass and Story DLC


After the announcement of Lost Judgment we’ve seen a few pieces of information about the game pop up that wasn’t included in the announcement video. While we’re still waiting for Lost Judgment to appear on digital stores in the West you can already order the game digitally on the PlayStation Store in Japan. There are two versions available to purchase, one being a deluxe version of the game.

The deluxe version comes with a season pass which includes the following content:

Lost Judgment Main Game

Detective Life Fun Pack (Planned to be released simultaneously with the main game)
• This DLC pack will help you enjoy the main story and side content to the fullest.

School Stories Fun Pack
• This DLC pack provides additional content so you can thoroughly indulge in all that “School Stories” has to offer.

Additional Story
• Fully packed additional story



Those that buy this version of the game will also be able to play the game three days early on September 21st.

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9 hours ago, Mr. Comingle said:

They should change it up a bit for the sequel and make a good game this time. 

It was a good game tbh, I enjoyed it a lot.

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9 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

The stupid tailing missions really soured my experience. 

Remove those and the stupid drone missions, add more courtroom drama and karaoke and imma get this day 1.

Last game had too many interruptions. 


The tailing missions didn't bother me much as they weren't that frequent.But yeah I miss karaoke and other side games. I think they'll add it in this game.

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6 minutes ago, Mysteryman said:

@Snake had to google which spelling is correct. According to Oxford, it is “judgment”, same as noted in the name of the game. 

lol thanks,fixed

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I have to admit that the first one doesn't have the charm of Yakuza mainline games. I still haven't completed it. If it's more like the first one, I'd pass.

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2 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

Same. It's its own thing i guess. It doesn't have the high octane energy of yakuza. Lot more grounded here. 

Problem is that the story wasn't grounded at all while the characters were. 

I'd say either lean into the grounded aspect and make the story completely realistic. But if they're gonna have an over the top storyline like last one, they should have some of that yakuza energy. 


I didn't even reach a point where I could get into the story properly. The initial chapters were so mediocre so I kinda lost interest.

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52 minutes ago, WhatsInTheName said:

announcing the game just 4 months before release? Half of all developers should do this.


Was suppose to be just Japanese release but new internal mandate is to aim for worldwide release. If it was old schedule, western release would be sometime next year.

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7 minutes ago, Sach4life said:

Is Judgement story linked to any of the Yakuza games? Also, how is it? Thinking of getting it for PS5

No only the city Kamurocho where both games take place is the same. If you have played any Yakuza then the gameplay mechanics are pretty much the same. Personally I prefer Yakuza games over this, but good game nonetheless. 

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10 hours ago, Ichigo Uzumaki said:


Plan on getting Judgment (part 1) but does it have the free upgrade to PS5 version if I get a regular PS4 version ? Lost Judgement has the free upgrade for PS4 to PS5 but not so sure about Judgement (part 1). Anyone has any idea ?

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