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13 minutes ago, TAZ said:

Just few days left for the IPL to kickoff..!! Really looking forward to this years edition. Pretty sure the new format of not playing each team twice and using some shitty method to decide who plays twice with whom, this will definitely receive a lot of backlash when the IPL ends.


I feel the new format is good


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Ravindra Jadeja will lead Chennai Super Kings in the upcoming IPL 2022, after MS Dhoni, who has led the team since the first season of the tournament, in 2008 - bar the two years when the team was banned - announced his decision to step down from the leadership position.

The franchise confirmed the news on their website, adding that "Dhoni will continue to represent Chennai Super Kings this season and beyond".

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On 3/24/2022 at 10:42 PM, Black_Hawk said:

England reeling at 55/6 vs WI at the 3rd Test match:rofl:

Last pair saved them. 

Windies have taken the lead but it's a slim one still and they must be livid with themselves to let England crawl back in..

21 hours ago, eddy4823 said:

Aus vs Pak complete series will be a draw. What a stupid series and pitches. Such a shame cricket returning to Pakistan and all matches drawn. 

This didn't aged well 😛😂

17 hours ago, KnackChap said:

How did pakis lose this? :rofl:


Chalo it's good for us to reach the WTC final anyway. 

I don't care how.. i only care Pakis should lose although it's a tough one to root for a Australia win 😉


Pakis losing has helped us climb in WTC table. I expect India to win against Australia easily so we should qualify. 


Anyways, next 2 months are for IPl only. Very curious to see how jaddu handles Captaincy today.


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