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Twisted Metal

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David Jaffe responds to complaints about Twisted Metal’s graphics


When Twisted Metal was announced for the Playstation 3 at E3 2010, a few gamers expressed their disappointments in the game’s graphics. On his Twitter account, David Jaffe assures that the visuals will improve in the final product but it will never be in the same league as the best-looking Playstation 3 games. You can read his entire statement regarding the matter below:


Depending on the level, graphics and fx will get a 10-30% bump. But it will never be Uncharted 2 or Killzone 3. If that is the kind of game one demands, one should look elsewhere when it comes to this title. All sorts of trade offs that affect visuals and we feel we are making great choices even if it means our artists can't express themselves fully with the amazing talent they have. Also- I've played 2 very hyped demos in the last 2-3 weeks with graphics that are- to be frank- pretty damn bad. We are miles ahead of those and yet I hear no one bitching about that aspect of those games. Which is ok. I don't mind. But it does make me wonder...


Update: When asked what they two “very hyped” games were, he responded, “I don't wanna say. Don't want 2 b hating.” David Jaffe later continued with the following statement about Twisted Metal's graphics:


For 60 bucks, gamers deserve EVERYTHING they want. So sure, I want them to love EVERY aspect of our game. BUT as I've said, making a game=making choices and if we would have put Twisted on a track and/or slowed the cars and acceleration down, our artists could be making the game look even better BUT as directors, Scott and I were both against those choices for this game. So you roll the dice every game and hope you've made choices that make enough players happy that you can make a profit and get to make another title :wOOtjumpy:


Twisted Metal will be released on the Playstation 3 next year.



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Why is he even responding to these noobs. TM was never about the graphics. Even Black only looked so-so, but it ran butter smooth.. :fear:


And since when was Crackdown 2 hyped? If only.. :D

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On Tuesday 22nd June 2010, @davidscottjaffe said:


Regarding the attacks on our visuals, I have this to say:



1) We deliver an anti-aliased, 720p, HDR experience. We support 1080p

output (with noticeable improvement to UI elements). We're not "sub HD"

by any stretch of the imagination.

2) We're still pre-alpha which means we aren't even done writing

graphics code let alone tuning the art content to go with it.

3) Many textures and shaders are pre-alpha quality and will be improved.

4) Most screenshots and video on the web were taken from video cameras

rather than direct screen capture. They don't represent even our

current quality level.

5) We don't want to drop our frame rate even though we have a megaton of

action on the screen with dynamic physics and lighting (and eventually

four player splitscreen!)

6) Our levels are large with very long draw distances. Everything you

see is an interactive world, not simply static geometry. A lot of it is


and finally,

7) We haven't even shown our best stuff yet. If anything, we've only

shown our oldest stuff, and our artists keeping discovering new ways to

improve visual quality.


SO- with all that said- I think players are in for a treat all around, visual included. Our team is super talented and crazy hard workers. It's only going to get better from here!

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More here

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Looks rather cool. Never played any Twisted Metal game before though but David Jaffe, I trust. They sure have come a long way from the E3 demo, which I was pretty confident they would.

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