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  1. Finished it. Surprised by how much i liked it. The character arc's are great, nice character developement by the end and great relationship building between Kate and Clint. I think Kate might be my favourite of the younger group of heroes. I liked that the scope is small and not some universe-ending sh*t like Ms Marvel. Tony Dalton was a delight and it felt like he brought the charisma of Lalo Salamanca here too. Only negative is that I wish they would stop with the Marvel quirkiness of every character, spitting one-liners every 2 seconds. Hopefully the new Daredevil show is not like that.
  2. Decided on a whim to watch Hawkeye. I'm really enjoying it. Very down to earth personal series.
  3. The particle effects looks great. Animations look good too. This game has potential but it has very rough edges. The world graphic pallete looks crap, reminds me of those generic grey/brown Xbox 360 generation games.
  4. Need some advise. Need a new laptop for mom. She uses it for teaching, 70% usage is video calls. Rest 30% is web surfing, editing docs on word, excel etc. Requirements are it should be sleek, light and fast. Good camera and mic. Should have a usb port since she uses a Wacom One pen tablet. Battery life not that imp but nice to have. Budget 50k. Also open to any macbook recommendations. Might be good since mom has iPhone.
  5. Edit: already posted
  6. The preview video from a few weeks ago gave a good idea of the gameplay already. Wonder what is left to show.
  7. Holy f**king sh*t can we disable auto-play music for reddit embeds???
  8. 3 more days to go I've been waiting for years to play this Just waiting for reviews to drop now. If they say its a good port then I'll probably buy it immediately.
  9. You dont understand. Realism is very important* *when women and black people are involved
  10. dylanjosh

    The Invincible

    graphics sure look good
  11. WTF had no idea this movie even existed
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