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Playstation Network Sales

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Just now, Joe Cool said:


You can get PSN 1 year + 2 months sub for $25 on Indonesian region. 


The PS+ games offered are pretty much the same. 


One thing though, my titles claimed on the US account won't carry over.


Also, how do you pay for the sub on Indonesian store? Are all games in English? 

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53 minutes ago, Ethan_Hunt said:

I wish Amazon would bring back that $40 offer for a years sub again. :( 

Black Friday deal most probably. But PSN plus prices have always been more than Xbox Live Gold. You can always try Pacino, he sold me a few PSN Plus codes a while back for 2-2.5k. I am set till 2019 and I don't even play any MP on PS :lol:


55 minutes ago, Joe Cool said:

Oh, yeah, your old NA PS+ library won't work anymore. 55KshSx.png

You can buy Indonesian region credit from a 3rd party and redeem it. Yes, all games are in English. 


Library is not just limited to the PS+ games, your DLC and any and all game saves won't work as well if you have previously played from US store.

PSN region locking is sh*t. :( Don't have these issues on the Xbox One thankfully.


Also, did a quick check on pricing. It is all over the place, some games are dirt cheap and some not so much. Your mileage will vary greatly depending on what you buy and when. Preorders especially for games like Anthem is ridiculously high and even Spiderman is quite expensive. But God of war which is on discount on the store right now is for around 2400rs but on the US store it is for 50$ which should translate to 2500rs if you can pick up PSN US credits for cheap enough (50 Rs a dollar or lower).


In the long run I personally feel that it will be better to stick with the US store as it gets a lot more content, sales and offers as compared to any other store.  

This works best if you can have your primary PSN ID as a US ID and play games of that and share this with a friend who can setup his console as primary PS4. Now you can split the cost with your friend and enjoy a brand new game for 1500rs or lower on day one. What more could you possibly want? :D

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48 minutes ago, HEMAN said:

I never understood the point of region locking of digital purchased games. 

I think we are discussing the point of region locking in this thread right now.


Platforms want to ensure that people can't buy games from other regions for cheap. But Sony went about it the wrong way. Microsoft has kept the content region free but put checks in place which ensures that you can only pay for content from a certain region by using a payment mode from that region.


In short I can have a US Xbox Account, buy content from the US store using Xbox gift card only as Indian credit cards won't work and buy content from the Indian store using my Indian Credit Card. Any and all content I buy will work together irregardless of the source of purchase.


You can freely switch between various regions on the same account as well thus eliminating the need for creating duplicate accounts like some do for PSN (one for US, one for India, one for Indonesia etc.)


FYI: Turkey seems to be the cheapest region to buy digital games on XBOX and you can do price comparison on http://xbox-now.com/and for PS you can compare prices on http://psprices.com/

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