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Official "Post Your Collection Pics" Thread!

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5 hours ago, SRahulNayak said:

Sorry it got posted so many times it should failed so I tried multiple times
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Edit two of your posts and remove the pics so they don't clutter the page.

Great looking collection BTW :good:


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Thanks for looking forward to other small valuable collections @bowser

With a bit description as well then as I have already posted in what you bought thread.

I have been interested in the playstation set of consoles ever since playing on my brother's borrowed PS1 for a few days and
much more notably when my friend took me to play SmackDown pain with him and that could be another whole and longer story on its own

which ultimately ended with me getting the PS2 as my first playstation console and regrettably selling it off later,
having apparently moved on to the psp, PS3 and then the 4 (thank the god of war, Vita didn't have any exclusive to him)

Nearly a decade later, it was this year that I got lucky with not just the silver PS2 (special for me as it was this colour I had) but both the previous generations at a very friendly price.

Also, additions to the games series I wish to complete along with prince of Persia and the souls games.610c013363805965829b137099bd7725.jpgb843d14306fc30dac0838c3248f9bc15.jpg8bfeb79642ea8352a48b046a5a73a9ad.jpgb797a91c2d8591dd5faeafa45e086e71.jpg2f1d44bf73c1587a8bb9c3daa8142414.jpgc9212dd6c87ef961e7be3d2c360c6a07.jpgfc3ab18ccc4f31c3d92fdfaf5d87669d.jpg

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