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Marvel’s Avengers

Heaven Angel

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Too soon for F2P lol. I don't think this game sold enough for SE's expectations but have to wait and see the actual numbers.


So far the hype has completely faded and player starting to leave. Not surprised but what a bummer. 


On 1/26/2017 at 9:07 PM, CarbonCore said:

Gotta pay those bills after 2 bombas this year from both CD and Eidos.


From 2017. Wonder if this game managed to pay for their bombas. ?

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11 hours ago, hope said:

Should have been one proper Avenger game like Spidey. Anyway SP is praised, add 10 hours more and you have a 10 million seller easily. 

This. The SP was there but mission structure was horrible due to GaaS.They nailed the combat for all heroes, but missions themselves are so bad and the level design is pathetic. So even if SP story and some set pieces are good, the missions themselves are absolutely shallow and meaningless. This game is absolute waste of money. Completely regret buying this. No one should buy it above 1k.

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The game didn't really feel AAA $60 title (or actually standard unfinished AAA title). Had fun moments but ultimately just an average game. 


You can see GaaS stuff was just added to keep it alive for longer but they couldn't get it right...just like others. 

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They have to add different enemies, villain and end game content to make things fresh. The general combat is too much of fun. Enemy type and end game mission has serious lack of variety, not sure what they thinking releasing the game too early

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Big patch out


Marvel’s Avengers V1.3.3 Patch Notes



  • Remote faction terminals have been added to outposts, which allow collection of faction assignments and villain sector bounties without the need to visit each faction coordinator in person.     
  • Extended pickup radius for reward drops.     
  • The ability to preview cosmetic vendor items.     
  • Option to scale subtitle/closed caption text size.     
  • Closed Captions will no longer be automatically display in cinematics when subtitles are displayed.     
  • Movement speed increased in outposts when in Avengers Initiative     
  • AI companion improvements, including assistance when player needs to be revived.     
  • Improved Mega Hive rewards. They now are guaranteed to give two exclusive exotic gear items and an increased amounts of upgrade modules upon completion.     
  • Implemented a fix that will retroactively grant Iron Man's iconic outfit for players who previously lost it due to a bug.          


  • SHIELD Substation Zero Outpost: SHIELD has opened Substation Zero to investigate new temporal anomalies that have begun forming across the world. A space that offers new narrative, characters, and content, you can find SHIELD Substation Zero in the Pacific Northwest on the WAR TABLE.     
  • Tachyon Rift Missions: You’ll investigate the temporal anomalies by taking on the new Tachyon Rift missions, which are the first place players can get Cosmic Gear. The Tachyon storm will damage players over time, but charges Heroic energy at an increased rate. With the “Meridian” modifier active, players can pass through Temporal Anomalies to extended the time you can spend within a Tachyon Rift. A late-game offering, Tachyon Rift Missions require 140 Power Level or higher Super Heroes to play. These missions are available once per day and rotate out daily.          


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GaaS done well can be super fun but none of these guys even learn or know what to do. Just basically copy paste the ideas (including the bad ones :lol:).


What's sad is that one of the biggest franchise ever made finally got a video game but ended in a complete train wreck. 


Deus Ex died for this. 

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Kate is searching for her former mentor, Hawkeye, but along the way she discovers a conspiracy involving Nick Fury, time travel, and a frightening new enemy. 

Marvel's Avengers: Kate Bishop - Taking AIM is targeted for December 8, 2020! Get those arrows ready!


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10 minutes ago, AnK said:

It’s not really the next gen patch that’s f**king things 

it’s the game’s launch window patch


Most games which had an unlocked framerate gets a patch at launch to lock it at 30 


So if any game has an unlocked framerate even with all the latest PS4 patches installed I doubt the PS5 patch in particular will change anything 

Next gen patch might increase graphical settings and mess up the 60 fps lock. The current game has an option to run at unlocked framerate at 1080p. If next gen patch tries to lock everything behind 4K, then it might not run at locked 60 FPS. Lets see what they add in next gen patch.

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