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Official GamePass Thread

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2 hours ago, Heaven Angel said:

Game Pass stats from Microsoft at GDC


Subscribers play 40% more Games after joining
Games on average see 8.3x lift in players
Day 1 Launches see 3.5x lift in players for large publishers, Indies 15x
Subscribers spend 50% more
Indies see Triple Digit Revenue growth









Gold standard right there

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10 minutes ago, Heaven Angel said:



According to Windows Central, Microsoft is planning a Xbox Game Pass family plan, set to launch this year.





From our information, paying on a higher tier for an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan will net access for five players for games across the entire library, and will be far cheaper than paying for five separate XGP accounts as is necessary today. Utilizing Microsoft's Family Account system already in use for Office 365, players within the same country will be able to play together using a single XGP subscription managed by a central account holder, in much the same way as Netflix.


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Don't know if I posted it but don't sleep on Telling Lies. It may seem simple at first but it's deceptively complex. You have to piece together the mystery from fragments and it keeps unraveling more of it.

It's kinda like Memento where the game gives you bits and scraps of info in a non chronological fashion and you're left to your devices for the most part. 

The guy from Upgrade is the lead actor here.

Pretty awesome game. 

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7 minutes ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


Legit stoked to try a cricket game after a long time. 


Same here. Never would have bought it so yet another game I wouldn't have tried if not for gamepass.

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