IVG Podcast 41: Best and worst of 2015, looking ahead to 2016, VR expectations and doubts, and more

In the last episode of 2015: Kojima goes indie, Capcom finds a distributor, the VR debate, the best and worst of 2015, and a look ahead to 2016.

IVG Podcast 40: PlayStation Experience, Uncharted 4, Amazon customer service, pre-release Betas, and more

This week: PlayStation experience, Uncharted 4 beta impressions, Rise of the Tomb Raider sales, Amazon’s horrible customer support, a discussion on the good and bad of pre-release Betas, and more.

IVG Podcast 39: The Game Awards, Kojima drama, Rainbow Six, and more

This week: Winners, drama and more at The Game Awards, Psychonauts 2, Far Cry Primal and Dark Souls 3 collector’s editions, Rainbow Six Siege and Just Cause 3 impressions, and a PS4 game from an Indian dev.

IVG Podcast 38: Just Cause 3, Black Friday, Secret Santa, and more

In episode 38 of the IVG Podcast, our first impressions of Just Cause 3, server issues with Rainbow Six: Siege, PES gets a free-to-play version, Black Friday sales, and IVG Secret Santa.

IVG Podcast 37: PlayStation Experience, IGX, PS2 games on PS4, INR on Steam, Fallout 4, and more

On this week’s podcast: what to expect at PlayStation Experience, a look back at IGX, thoughts on PS4 backwards compatibility, Steam’s INR pricing, and more.

IVG Podcast 36: Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC and PS4, Windows 10 gaming, FIFA pre-orders, and podcast backlog

This week, we discuss the announcement of Rise of the Tomb Raider for PC and PS4, missing pre-orders for the year’s big games, dope tests in e-sports, Windows 10 gaming, and more. Plus, the missing episodes.

IVG Podcast 32: Xbox One price drop, The Last Guardian speculation, Gamestop vs Metacritic, and more

Also in this week’s episode: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, new Ratchet & Clank, PS4 price drop speculation, New Platinum Games title, Uncharted trilogy remaster.

IVG Podcast 31: Fallout 4, PC exclusives, region locking, Steam refunds, new PS4 model, and more

This week: Fallout 4’s possible India ban, the return of PC exclusives, Steam sale and refunds, new PS4 model, a look back at Gears of War, and more.

IVG Podcast 30: Remasters, re-exports, DRM vs streaming, Advent, and more

This week: New Need for Speed, What is Advent?, Remasters everywhere, the business of game re-exports, DRM vs Streaming, Kojima after MGS, and more.

IVG Podcast 29: The Witcher 3 impressions, Bethesda’s E3 plans, and more Oculus Rift news

This week’s podcast is The Witcher 3 special – first impressions, our giveaway winner and more controversy. Plus, Bethesda at E3, Oculus Rift system requirements, and pessimism around WWE 2K16.

IVG Podcast 26: Preorders, PS4 price and Steam mods

In this episode: Why preorders no longer matter, Sony’s reluctance to drop PS4 price in India, Mortal Kombat X’s micro-transaction hell, the controversy around Steam’s paid mods feature, and lots more.

IVG Podcast 22: PS4, VGX, MGSV, GTAV, GT6, and other acronyms

In this week’s podcast: PS4 launch, VGX awkwardness, Ground Zeroes details, Naughty Dog teases, and more.

IVG Podcast 21: Episodic games, porn on consoles, and more next-gen speculation

This week – Closer to PS4 launch, Xbox One’s India prospects, pros and cons of episodic games, porn on consoles, year-end sales, GOTY, and more.

IVG Podcast #13

So we’ve finally decided (for now) that the IVG Podcast is going to be a monthly affair, so Podcast #13 is our podcast for March, and this time, we have a special guest – Rishi Alwani. IVG members would know him as Milo, our resident SingStar Bollywood aficionado. We also have a contest in this podcast. Read on for contest details as well as a summary of the topics we touched upon in this podcast.