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~The TV Shows Thread~


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21 minutes ago, harsh1387 said:

I expect they to become friends again within 1 or 2 episode. Will be a shame if they drag Nate's insecurity for long. I think Roy will make him understand he is being a dick to new laundry guy. 



Yeah. Looks like it. 

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48 minutes ago, Gunner-Y2J said:

Oh,will watch it.



Fair warning, the movie was made 6 years after the last episode. So some actors look aged / become fatter / thinner etc.


Also, the movie was kind of made with the knowledge that people would be watching these characters after 6 years, so there's a lot of flashbacks and recollecting "old" events and reminicising about "old" times.


This doesn't really work if you're binging everything since everything is fresh in your mind. Just saying. 

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3 hours ago, 0verlord said:

Anyone watch the witcher: nightmare of the wolf?

Yes, it was great. Opening song and the fight choreography and the animation style, everything was top notch. 


But, shouldn’t this be in movie section since it was a movie?


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52 minutes ago, Bird Bird Bird said:



10/10. Absolutely brilliant. Writing, characters, dark comedy. Perfect ! 


Brilliant thumbnail

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1 hour ago, Bird Bird Bird said:




The OST is tits. Give the person an award. Every single scene is so meticulously planned, superb dialogues, amazing OST. 

Robin Hood Disney GIF

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