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What games are you currently playing?

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1 hour ago, Modern_Ubermensch said:

Do we even have a thread for kingdom come deliv. Search was futile, such a masterpiece of an rpg needs a thread 


Here you go:  


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Horizon Forbidden West.


Had to put Nier Automata on the backburner for the second time. Difficult decision this time especially because I was nearing Route A ending. Guess will pick it up again after Horizon and Elden Ring. 

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Guardians of the Galaxy


Played it just for 1/2 hour.


Combat is good, it's auto aim but locking on enemies is manual. I kinda like it. Not as simple as GTA 5 where it just snaps on enemies, you just have to pull trigger. It's different from most stuff out there.


At beginning it's overly linear. Reminding me of ps3 era games not in a good way. Hopefully it will open up. And hopefully i will be able to play it instead of Elden Ring all the time.


Playing it on unlocked framerate mode on Series S. Just received my VRR enabled monitor. While it not perfectly smooth like a locked 60, it's way better than 30. And you get visuals of 30fps game. Win win in my books and is my preferred way of playing going forward. I think all games should give option to unlock frame rate.



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Series S modes.
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