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47 minutes ago, ZooZoo said:

For an alpha, it looked amazing. You need to look up Horizon Zero Dawn's alphas and see how much progress they made. The game looked like a PS2 game in alpha. Majority of textures, eyecandy, optimizations etc happen late in the development when the core of the game is set. For me, the moves look amazing. It like female version of Dr. Strange conjuring spells.

that was not the alpha, it was more of a internal pitch/proof of concept video. Some playable alpha can be super polished like destiny or killzone 2 and some are buggy mess even after release. 

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Gamespot: Forspoken Looks Pretty But Its World Seems To Be Empty



I can say that my first impression of the world of Athia is mixed. The act of exploring looks fun with how quickly and efficiently Frey flips and hops through the environment like a magical Spider-Woman. Movement is stylish and fluid, with the world speeding past you at a seemingly gratifying pace--and Frey appears to possess abilities that will allow her to navigate Athia on both horizontal and vertical planes, which means there could be a nice verticality to combat as well


But the world itself seems empty of meaningful things to go find and do, beyond fighting different enemies. In a statement, Luminous Productions said that "there are still plenty of things for players to discover organically if they venture off the beaten path," but I saw no clear example of that during the presentation.


I am still worried by just how empty Athia looks. Banter and enjoyable movement can only propel an open world so far. I think the idea of Cipal being the last safe haven sounds cool on paper, but in practice it results in a world that looks devoid of life as soon as you leave the hub area.


Not surprisingly at all ?

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HZD is not even comparable. One was showing development prototype footage 3-4 years before release while this is showing the footage of the game that is about to release in 3 months. 


I don't know how the open world will change but the current gameplay footage was terrible. Very generic and lack any kind of eye candy. The combat has some ideas but didn't have a wow factor. 


Don't even bother with framerate topic. 


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34 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:


This looks like ps2 footage to this guy but bachkand personal attack to karle pehle. 

As a renowned doctor would say. Get some help. :roflroll:

*Does a personal attack and then cries to mommy when same medicine is dished out to him. Typical Xbot. Tch tch tch. :thumbsup:

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39 minutes ago, KnackChap said:

Think he’s referring to this footage.



I think he was comparing this to the choppy frame rate & low quality in the IGN video 


Surprisingly it’s not that bad as others have started coming up.

Maybe that’s why IGN’s is removed. 

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4 minutes ago, KnackChap said:



Exclusivity period starts from date of release. It's 2 years for this game btw. 

Yes but SE might be in a rush to put it out as the sooner it does the sooner it will be able to take it elsewhere. 

For Sony to ask them to take time & adjust that with exclusivity period makes more sense than having a mediocre or bad game on day 1. 

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