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[Bangalore/South] PS5 Buyers Thread


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Snagged one from Shop@SC as well as Reliance Digital.

Someone in Hyderabad can take the second console if interested.

Unless either RD/Shop@SC cancel one that is.  


Edit: Sold one to @VamosReva :) Hoping that both of them get delivered without any issues!

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3 minutes ago, R a g h u said:

I couldn't bag one :(


Please let me know if anyone wants to cancel/re-route one to me. Thanks.


I am cancelling my Croma order tomorrow. Not sure how I can reroute in Croma, but if you are still interested by tomorrow we can have a chat

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4 minutes ago, muathaz03 said:

damn man. I couldn't order from fk. would've saved a decent chunk if it got through. fml. got from amazon.

Better than no confirmation.


If you manage to get an order through on Flipkart over the next 3 weeks, you can always cancel the amazon order or re-route to anyone here who needs it.


Congrats :) 

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Guyz, Check my post on PS5 thread.

I got f**king 3

Sony Center/Flipkart/Amazon


Only for my IVGian Brothers.


Now, Scalpers can kiss my A**

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