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  • 2 weeks later...

New Champions league format from 2024 agreed. Total number of teams increased to 36 .

2 out of the 4 new spots will be given to 5th placed teams in leagues which have done well in UCL in corresponding season . For example English and Spanish teams have done well this season . Hence the team who finishes 5th in these league's will qualify for  Champions league . 


So if Man City /Liverpool/Chelsea do well in UCL in this year it helps ManU to qualify for next year Champions league :rofl: . If they can somehow finish 5th :fear1:


Also no more groups . All 36 teams will be placed in a league  and play 8 games each . ( Not clear as to who will face who ) .

The top 8 teams will go into Round of 16 playoffs . Teams ranked 9-24th will enter in a knockout round and the winners of these will join the Round of 16.

So yeah a team can finish 24th and still go on to win the Champions league .

Seems like UEFA opposed the super league because they didn't control it. :thumbdown:



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Kylian Mbappe will stay at PSG after all :rofl: . Perez would be scarred for life now  :P

Regarding Mbappe - In the end he choose money over dreams. Or other factors are at play here - it's only a 3 year contract.  Mbappe must have faced huge amount of pressure from PSG to stay and was likely promised you can leave after 2/3 years once we win Champions league :scratchchin:

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17 minutes ago, Krazyniks said:

City behind at half time against Villa.

Liverpool held 1-1 by Wolves. Going to be a crazy finish :wOOtjumpy:

would be very Liverpool-like to lose the league despite City dropping points :P

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