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Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2017

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Santa sent me gifts early this time.:D Please use this thread for posting the pics for Secret Santa 2017.


Thank you very much for the games, Santa. I was eyeing these two but due to my backlog couldn't go ahead and get it. Spot on!.:bow:


Advance Merry Christmas.:):cheers: Now please reveal yourself. (Couldn't even find the billing address in the package)


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1 minute ago, varundbest said:

So my Secret Santa is:- @adity

My Gifts :-



Loved them! Thanks ;)

Just have to find a way to RIP audio CDs now.

Glad you liked. 

One more coming. Will reach you in a couple of days. 

Dream Theater - Images and words 

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Hey that is your towel buddy, abhi issi main nahana, and one more on the way, it's showing delivery on Xmas day, I hope it's one day before. 

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