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On 9/14/2021 at 10:14 AM, Assassins Creed said:

trying quality mode, looks great but even that has few dips.. should compare with performance and stick to one..

Sticking to quality despite the dips.

Lighting and textures are so much better! 


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38 minutes ago, l33tmaniac said:



May not be Denuvo. Other Arkane games have had similar issues on PC.





Maybe, but looking at games that have denuvo ex post facto, all of them suffer from performance issues. Doom Eternal gave me 60+ fps at launch at all times. 


Then suddenly after denuvo treatment it ran like crap. Thankfully post backlash id removed it. Same was the story with RE village. 

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24 minutes ago, Vamos said:

Like others said, it's best to turn off objective tracker. Otherwise it's too easy and linear. 


From what I've read, it takes a while for the game to open up.

Till then, it's probably better to just head straight for the objectives and complete them. Otherwise you won't be able to keep all the stuff that you unlock.


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Yes, at starting just follow objective. Do this till you finish 1 whole day and unlock invasion/Julianna. 


If you explore from start, you don't keep anything. You will be re-doing all that again when game actually begins. 



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11 hours ago, rushaboswal said:

Denuvo benefits nobody but harms actual buyer. Jisko pirate karna he wo pirate hi karenge , why harm geniune buyers WTF?


AFAIK Denuvo prevents cracking for at least 1 week - 1 month. Majority of the sales happen within that time period. After that time, even if the game is cracked, majority of the sales is done anyway. The rest are generally those who are ready to wait for a sale or will pirate anyway. Without Denuvo, games get cracked either on release, in just a few minutes/hours after release or (worst case) before release itself, when files are uploaded on Steam. I think tons of sales are lost in this period. That's why developers are still persisting on adding Denuvo to PC games (even paying extra), despite knowing it will be cracked eventually IMO.

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