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Elden Ring


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This Map gives you just a general idea in which direction you need to go. There are so hundreds of enemies, bosses and hidden stuff everywhere. Heck, there are different bosses in the same place during different time of the day. For eg some bosses only roam around only during night hours of the game. Those were the most difficult to track. Its vast area and you can easily spend few hundred hours on it easily. And use your own custom Marker for the various interesting stuffs in the game. 


I used SKULL marker to indicate tough bosses, Chest marker for peddlers. And one very important tip - use the available items freely. Most of the items are easily available and there are very few RARE items. So make use of them. And whenever you meet a new merchant then make sure to buy the COOKBOOK. That will allow to create new items. 


But if you use the detailed map then it will ruin your experience. However if you still want to follow a map then you can use this. 



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16 hours ago, GunnerY2J said:

Started game as deprived class.

Rushed straight to Margit at sl1 and it was too tough.


roamed a bit and then Beat Margit with wolves summon (wolves were present for 70% of the fight) at soul level 6 although still have level 1 sword.

I think you really need a guide for this game, what and how to upgrade stuff.

The world is too open, items/materials can't find without a guide.


It's supposed to be, go to weeping isle and farm there.

weeping isle is in the south of the starting area, there is a sidequest also there.

you need your main weapon to be +3 and some points in HP and all for the margit fight

weeping isle is good area to get the upgrade mats and anything else you need


btw if you just want to blast past the goatman shamlessly, you need the wolves, sorceror rogier and margit's shackles( which paralyze him for like 3 secs )

You can also avoid the goatman and stormhill castle altogether by taking a path from the current area to liurnia of the lakes( area you access after clearing stormhill castle boss )


I recommend blasting the goatman and that multi limbed monstrosity tho

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46 minutes ago, GunnerY2J said:

Now stuck at second boss Godfrey.

I need more damage output.


You'll be missing out on A LOT if you just follow the main path.

Go out and explore the world. You'll almost always find something interesting and worth your while.

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@GunnerY2J Don't rush with the Main Bosses. There are 100s of bosses and you have to explore places. Loot is gained from exploration. Heck, even main quests and very important side quests need exploration. The thing about this game - the main bosses just mark the passage of time. There are only 6 or so main bosses. There are multiple side-quests, that will be completely missed if you just do main bosses. This includes side-quests that unlock completely new areas, some of the best dungeons, the best weapons/equipment/spells/items etc. You will also lock yourself to 1-2 bad endings if you just do main bosses. You will not have satisfied the conditions for the other endings.


Tis is easily a 150+/200+ hour game. It's not like other Souls Games. It's Souls + Zelda Breath of the Wild, and it is a true proper mixture of both, done in an amazing way. You can do the main boss rush from New Game+ if you want. But the 1st play-through is definitely not meant to be played that way.

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41 minutes ago, GunnerY2J said:

Yes, i have understood that 


I haven't been able to find much stuff though.

Also, did beat godrich, soul level 30.


Jellyfish spirit did the trick.

Npc Summon was useless so didn't use it.



NPC was good, I remember she taking 1/3 of the health.. But it also buffs the boss so might not have worked in your favor..

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Just now, Assassins Creed said:


NPC was good, I remember she taking 1/3 of the health.. But it also buffs the boss so might not have worked in your favor..

I have seen the patched fights, the npc avoids attacks, runs away when needed and always survives the better part of the second phase.


In the base version she just stands besides the boss to take damage and for me never survived to reach the second phase.

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