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Microsoft Flight Simulator


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8 minutes ago, eddy4823 said:

This game will be on Xbox Game Pass on PC on release, Day 1 ? Or will it come later on PC and Xbox first ?


Will be available on PC game pass day one.

The game doesn't have a release date for xbox yet.

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1 hour ago, Assassins Creed said:

Looking at how Gorgeous and Graphic heavy this is, they should just drop this from Base Xbox One version.. probably make it XSX only to take full advantage.. XOX can run it too but won't be full glory.. 


They actually dropped xbox consoles from the marketing completely. At best, It's likely going to be next gen exclusive. 

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37 minutes ago, funnyadit said:

It does struggle even at low for me.. i5 4460 with RX570 and 8GB RAM..


But the game is great way to learn things.. Took some screenshots too on low..

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Hey man. Nice to see you here. Eddy here from Steam/YouTube. btw, Nice screenshots even on low. Can't wait to visit local places first and then international.

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Downloading this was a chore. 

I paused the download after downloading about 35GB and it just refused to resume from there. Uninstalled the game and restarted the download, only to find out that the uninstall didn't exactly uninstall anything. So the download again got stuck.

Had to manually delete the files and then download the whole 93GB in one go.


Also, the game runs pretty bad on my 970/i5-3550 at 1080p/medium settings with frame-drops aplenty. I don't really fault the game for that though.

It's not entirely unplayable but it's not ideal either.

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I am running it on 9900K with RTX2080 with High Setting with Object Detail and Terrain Detail set to 175/200. I am getting in the range of 35-40 fps. I guess it would be difficult to run it at Ultra with high fps, using the current gen systems. Also, playing with keyboard is very difficult. The controls are too responsive. I feel joystick is necessary if you want to enjoy the game.

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