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IVG Game Library - Rules and Guidelines


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Hi guys, 

Please take a note of these rules (also in the OP) before you submit a thread for approval.

Most of the threads submitted don't follow at least one of these.  


  • Once membership into library is approved, donor must open a new topic/thread in the IVG Library section
  • Library game threads must follow the naming system: [LIB] Name of game (Platform). For example, if you are donating Doom Eternal for PS4, the thread title should be [LIB] Doom Eternal (PS4)
  • Donor must share pics of the game and box at the time of listing it in the library along with picture carrying IVG display name and date – games without original box will also be accepted
  • Donor must also reserve the first reply in that thread, which he must update as and when the game has been borrowed or returned. It must also contain the wait list for the game
  • When the game is requested by a library member, the donor must dispatch the same at the earliest convenience. Cost to be borne by sender.
  • Donor is obliged to lend donated game to any library member who requests the game
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17 minutes ago, rishu1228 said:

How can we earn reputation points and where are they displayed?


You can see the count on your profile. Its the number right above the number of posts. 


As you continue to be a part of the forum and engage in discussion, you'll earn these points. Welcome to IVG :) 

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On 1/19/2021 at 12:57 PM, djdgr8 said:

Question: Can the original donor take a game back from circulation. Say if after a year they want to sell the game to get some funds. Provided they have 1 game as donation at any point of time or they are not allowed to borrow until they do?


Provided you have one game in circulation you can be part of Library, any moment you have no games for Librarby you lose the borrowing rights..

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@b!T How about if a game hasn't been borrowed in 8-12 months the owner needs to put in another game to be a part of the library. They can take the older donated game back. This makes sure the games that aren't being used are taken out of circulation and there is influx of new or in demand games.

This will need an honor system as 2 people can pretty much game the system but might be worth looking into.

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