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What You Bought This Week - 2022 Edition


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1 hour ago, PhantomShade said:

Finally free of realizing i've run out of batteries for the Xbox controller at the most inopportune time




Also Steam Winter Sale haul, really felt bad I finished Yakuza 0 on GP :(



Buy the yakuza collection or Y0, if not then you’ll be Komaki Tiger Drop’d

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21 hours ago, KunjanPSD said:

What are you planning to use this for?

Honestly? I dont know


So far I was able to clone my society ID card and also one of those fun zone (bowling) cards

11 hours ago, Felix the cat said:

 cool bro. Can this be used in metro station also??

Where did you get this and in how much?

Haven't tried metro card but shouldn't be a problem. Got it from US costed $180

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