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    Been meaning to buy a Playstation Gold Wireless Headset for a while but I could never bring myself to pull the trigger, I couldnt justify the cost, there was always something else I wanted more. Either way when @_Krypton_ posted it in TP I messaged him. Unfortunately the condition wasn't really good but the price was right. He was open and honest enough to whatsapp me the pics of the headset and I agreed to buy it off him for the glorious sum of 1899. It arrived, well packed mind you, and while it operated really well, I was terribly concerned it was going to fall apart any moment. So I began project repair/mod/mongrelise. Here's the journey
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    Picked up the sony xm3 got a good deal for them.. Also we picked up a new Xmas tree,my mum has worked on the decorations [emoji319][emoji4] Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Welcome 2019 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for all the help. Was quite a trip despite some irksome moments/stuff. Long flights absolutely suck. The security checking was mental at Srinagar airport. Even worse while departing. Hotel stuff: Hotel Asian Park - well maintained and decent enough for the price. Didn't expect anything luxury and wasn't super disappointed when the heater stopped working and had to clean up with cold water... The first day was fine but low of power cuts on the second day sucked. The staff was pretty much non-existent and water rules were awful. Like they gave only 2 bottles of water per day. Nothing special about the hotel. Good for getting some sleep at night. Mount View - fantastic view. Pretty much the only reason to stay here as everything else was below average. Frequent power cuts, no staff around, very dated rooms, no power room heater and their reason were ridiculous. Sir, we don't have all the rooms booked so we cannot run the heater for you... The 3rd bed wasn't provided and were forced to rest close to the window ledge instead. While checking out, the entire staff were standing at the gate for tips. Even the reception guy. Was embarrassing to see. Solar Residency - very similar to Hotel Asian Park but with active staff and working stuff. Decent stay. Heaters and everything worked as intended. Power cuts were still there but at least it was resolved within 5 minutes. And the best saved for the last: The Khyber Himalayan Resort Absolutely amazing property to stay. Excellent and happy staff who are always there for you. Greeting whenever they see you and ask if anything is needed. Excellent stay. Amazing rooms and very very well maintained. The pool was heated and so was the sauna/jacuzzi. The food buffet was beyond tasty and had a wide range of variety every single day. Wish we stayed longer. The downside of staying here was that you need to walk almost a kilometre from the starting point to the hotel. And worse almost 10-15 km if you wanted to go to market side (which wasn't good anyway). Now to city/places & food: Srinagar - as soon we arrived, it was very chilly. Instantly the legs got iced due to the wind and we rushed to the hotel and later for lunch (which was amazing). The problem with Srinagar was that it wasn't maintained at all. Any small dispute between forces and immediately everything was shut down. There were more forces in streets than civilians. The situation is just messed up for people living there. Aside from that, it wasn't clean either. The famous Dal Lake wasn't maintained to one bit. Awful smell and literal trash can be found from starting point till the end (and even more when you go deeper). People have made shops at Dal Lake and they aren't maintained either. Shikara Ride is nice and all till you are surrounded by merchants trying to sell scam you. Even the guy who drives the Shikara doesn't help and continues to scam people into telling multiple points and whatnot. Absolutely NOT worth the price but sadly had no option but take the ride. Houseboats - don't even bother... I don't think anyone can even stay in such places. Literal trash surrounded. Things to do/visit around - somewhat okay. Badamwari Garden was very well maintained while the popular spots like Nishat and Shalimar Bagh were garbage tier. When you enter Shalimar, the stinking smell will make you throw up and if that doesn't, you will see a couple of people standing in shite... Imagine charing for entry fee just to keep the place like that...Simply avoid both and go to Badamwari, which was very very nice compared to these two popular gardens. The museum was another bad place simply because it was unfinished (yet entry fee) and there was no power. Morning hours - no power and we said we will get back around 3 pm. When we went it was working till we reached second room and power was gone again. Shame as it had some cool stuff to look. Plenty of religious places. From temples to mosques. No comment on that. Overall Srinagar wasn't good or anywhere near good to fill out the days and time. Just very chill because of all the wind. Sonamarg - to the good stuff now! First snowfall happened. The ride itself was lovely and blissful to experience. However, the horse renters weren't good as they were just trying to scam you. If you ignore, they still keep following you which was extremely annoying. We did take the horse after reaching a certain point where the car wasn't allowed and the snowfall was heavy. Plenty of fun in the snow. Quite a number of people there too. Pahalgam - the best? We took the long horse ride to the tippy top and decided to go for off-road (after a very long and repeating NO to the horse guy). Ignore all the points they say they will show as it is just a scam and the board they show is summer based. Just pick the first point and it will cover couple more viewpoints on your way till you reach the tippy top of heaven. Great place and a great ride. It does make your butt and leg pain but it was worth it. Plenty of people and a massive-massive place filled with snow. Avoid all the merchants trying to scam you and just enjoy yourself. The food at the top was awful, so avoid that and take your own time to play in the snow. Gulmarg - didn't meet the high expectations. Despite being clean and having an amazing amount of untouched snow, the lack of activities and once again people trying to scam you made the experience average. So much hype for the Gondola ride but it was quite disappointing once you reach the top to see nothing but empty lands. Worse than the top of Pahalgam... Not a single soul was skiing and whoever wanted to try were twisted into getting scammed with prices. The bikes were cool till you find out the limits and again each ride/point had different prices... Was nice, I guess. The sun wasn't a friend either. It was shining right at you constantly and that was that. Playing in the snow wasn't fun either with the massive crowd...doing nothing but hogging the place. Thanks to Khyber, the trip to Gulmarg turned out better in the end. Food - mouth watering. The Lotus stem dish took us out by a surprise. So smooth and so tasty. The paratha was delicious despite having so much butter on it. Just couldn't stop as they were that good. The Rajma rice fry was perfect as well. The Kahwah was so good that we ended up drinking it daily ever since. No complaints in the food department. Everything was ace and everywhere the taste was great. Be it a small dining spot or Khyber. Overall - the trip was quite enjoyable. The snow and the fall were amazing and everything we wanted to experience. However, the people trying to scam you and not understanding the meaning of no/not interested and lack of maintenance kind of does ruin the experience. 7-8/10. Would love to visit again if the places are developed at least to some extent and reviewed properly instead of blindly saying best to every major spot as they were nowhere close to that. Thanks for everyone for helping out. Quite a chilling experience.
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    Santa delivered these earlier today visiting sister for the holidays and this will bring back some great memories from childhood. Thank you very much for the note and the wishes Santa please reveal yourself as the note did not have your IVG handle/name.
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    Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    All Switch games purchased this holiday season: <3
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    Posting it here as well, Got this Jio hotspot free
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    Loving the game so far just started playing yesterday as I was waiting to get the Special Edition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Saw it yesterday with my son, we were a total of 6 people in the hall, great movie nonetheless, plus I can say I pretty much got a private screening. Hell my son wanted pop corn in between, and he said it a little aloud, and the guy actually paused the movie and said sir you get pop corn let's consider this as intermission.
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    Your unrelenting aren't you? From yesterday's breakfast hours to this evening... all you have done is put India down with your side of the logic. That's fine but no you still persist. Why are you doing this? Coming here to this thread trying to dampen the victory showing how India just plain got lucky and Australia got manhandled by Lady Luck. You've already made it vehemently clear where your thoughts lie and people here have addressed your questions with their side of the logic. You seem to be mature enough to understand that we love our cricket and obviously feel passionate about today's victory. Why not just be a decent, mature person and move on. It's a lovely forum, why make it a horror fest of ambiguous posts that rile people up.
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    Reviving this thread with my recent acquisitions... HMT Janata Silver (TBC): HMT Janata Millennium - 2000 (TBC): HMT Sona Ivory (Ranibagh Edition): Guanqin Quad Hand Automatic (GQ20022): Guanqin GQ16034 Automatic: Titan 9375SAA Skeleton Automatic: Vostok Amphibian Classic 150349: Camy Sputnik Automatic: Tressa Lazer Beam Automatic: Citizen Promaster Nighthawk (BJ7000-52E): Watch Boxes: Corgeut Black Bay: Seiko Chronograph SNDC31P1: Troika Shot: Favre Leuba Sea King: Seiko Mother of Pearl Dial 7N00-8A19: NATO Straps: 22mm: 18mm: MiLTAT 22mm Super Oyster Bracelet for my Seiko SKX007J1: Same watch on a cold wet winter morning water test... Noir Patent Leather Strap for my vintage Seiko M88 Sealion: Cheers guys, thanks for looking and a Happy New Year to everyone!
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    Time to welcome 2019 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    two more cute but deadly figures
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    Yup fuk social media and fake reviews, ohwaitamin..
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    Walked into my gameroom and saw this on my screen. Brought a smile to my face. Thanks Afty.
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    More switch games to backlog [emoji1][emoji379]
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    300 is a winning total, this is Mr.gote tactics, get out on unharmful delivery so that opposition batsmen are scared even more.
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    Europe's top five leagues in 2018-19: Most goals - Messi Most assists - Messi Most dribbles - Messi Most chances created - Messi Most free-kicks scored - Messi Most key passes per 90 mins - Messi Most goals from outside the box - Messi Priceless. Once is a lifetime of a player. Such a joy to watch.
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    Just got my two gifts Thank you so much SRahulNayak Really amazing gifts. I'm so so so so so so happy Iron Man with his entourage: I really like chocolates(especially good ones like this) as well as collecting stuff. The gifts mean a lot to me. Iron man is on display and the chocolates are in my stomach I got another surprise from Fatman, Alekh Can't wait to read it. Merry Christmas to you all
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    Got mine yesterday. Thank you Santa My santa please reveal yourself now(before ivg goes down or something :P) so that i can personally thank you bro. !! Those are excellent pens and i will put them to good use. Thanks once again and Merry Christmas
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    IVG is back.... yay!! Thank you so much sufyan! This is such an awesome gift!!! can add this to my existing dark knight collection
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    Got the Amazon pay credit card invite, and took it. Since I am an existing customer it was generated instantly and physical card will be delivered in a week. This card is an add on to my existing card and has the same credit limit, the good thing is both stay active and since this is lifetime free, it was no brainer to take it.
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    Order some Amazon fulfilled product, preferably from Cloudtail/Appario seller. Make the order cod (I don't think this is mandatory, but just to be safe do that). Pay the order amount + 5000. If you pay 5000 including the order, you will not be eligible for the offer. @GunnerY2J said it correct, I just explained it in words.
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    Cash Load ₹5000 and get ₹1000 cashback Validity: 12th - 31st Jan 2019 Cashback date: Within 7 days
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    Got these in my recent trip: 1) A game I had been looking forward to for quite a bit of time, but could not buy till now 2) My First Smash Game: 3) A game I knew nothing about, but was on sale for very cheap and seemed interesting:
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    Ohh Santa I loved the timed demo of this game. When I had played this game, I was oblivious to the magical world of VR. I've seen many posts where someone has bought PSVR just because of this game. I'm high on VR these days, its the best gaming related innovation that has happened in a while and everything looks so much better in VR, so I am quite sure that I am going to have an absolute blast playing this in VR. Thanks a lot for this (and a chance to make my first ever thread in IVG not related to TP.) Great job Santa!!
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    Significance of this series win can be understood by only those who have seen Sadagopan Ramesh and Devang Gandhi shivering with fear, Laxman/Dravid/Sachin battling it out and yet getting mauled at the end. This is every test cricket lover in India ever dreamed of. Thank you, Kohli.
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    I was reluctant to buy this game. It looked almost the same as Origins to me. I had quite a bit of money left in my Steam wallet so I decided to buy it on Sale. I can safely say that I don't regret my purchase. This game is remarkable and has been a massive surprise to me. It feels a lot more fleshed out than any of the previous games in the entire franchise. The game world is beautifully designed. Better than Origins imo, It is a lot more vibrant, and it is incredibly easy to get lost in it. There are plenty of things to do and plenty of places to explore. Cutscenes are a lot more interesting to watch through and generally make the game more engaging. Animations, although not perfect, are still better from previous games, aside from a few over-exaggerated animations. The draw distance is far from impressive. The story overall is good, I'm playing as Kassandra, and that goes for all three story branches. The writing in Odyssey is engaging and I find myself liking the missions and the characters, which is something that other AC games struggled to do for me. And finally the GRIND, I rarely have the need to grind, and when I did it was hardly any hassle for me at all, as the ways you can level up are plentiful and entertaining. The amount of XP you gain increases the more you level up, which is a brilliant way to tackle grind. If you don't rush, you shouldn't have an issue. I'm 40 hrs in game now and completed 6th episode (9 in total) let's see how it goes. Also you can climb Zeus balls anytime.. a 10/10 material here
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    I want to Specially thank you for this advice. I bought the sp adhesive 3 for all my characters and now the game has completely changed upside down. Like Holy Jesus. The palace and momentos have become so much fun when I don't have to be stingy with SP. Also all your other tips have also been really helpful. So thank you very much. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk
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    [emoji41][emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NIce. Decided to stat out WL stuff and was quite fun. Was so close to elite but game alt+tabbed automatically to cost me the elite... The little shitty PL meta squads ruin it. Jesus-Firmino is unbearable. Everything goes for them. Yedder has bs magnet to him.
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    Got these things for myself. Personally I like Bose more.
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    Thank you Santa for the awesome gifts! Now please reveal yourself. [emoji16][emoji4] Sent from my Mi MIX 2 using Tapatalk
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    I’m in love. Ive always wanted a bar set and a hip flask. Thank you for everything Santa. I’ve been waiting to play Detroit too. Looks like my Santa is making me an alchoholic. Happy Holidays!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you Abhinit for taking the effort year after year and making all of us so excited and happy keep it up!
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    More like Pirate Hack. https://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/nintendo-roms-playable-at-dreamhack-mumbai-2018-organiser-responds-1967040
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    This game was on my mind since long. Absolutely loved the gift bro Thank you so much my Santa Merry Christmas Can you please reveal yourself. Don't know your name on IVG
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    Completed the game today and guys please trust me buy this game ASAP. This game is an art so for the love of God don't miss this game. People may complain about the game length but I think it was perfect to keep things interesting. If you ever lose faith in video game this is the game to play. Art style and OST is f**king amazing just fantastic. IGN review of this game is trash so trust me go blind and play this game. It took me 3.30hrs to complete this game and it is one of the best game of this gen period. Some shots :-
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    Couldn't resist getting Tetris.
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    Finally, I got the Ikea Laptop table and got around to set up my wheel and use it. It moves around a little but for my limited use, it seems to do the trick. I might put a carpet below so that the foot pedals don't move around much. And i got to setup the projector which was sitting in cupboard for almost a year(screen's on the way) Bonus pic
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    are you working out? the silhouette looks pretty defined bought something after a very long long time