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    Something came home this week [emoji4] Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
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    Upgrade after 3 years
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    I was expecting Hope to get triggered and he did. What moaning man, constant moaning
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    I think you really need to take a deep breath. That posts only reference to you was that PixelJunkie is making about as much sense posting what is the equivalent of pretentious whataboutery. Next coming to my opinion, I already gave that, quite liked it and that was it. Would I call it Nolan's greatest, debatable, would I call it a good war film. Hell yes. Compared to your desperate floundering about for reasons to dislike the same which include gems like, A guy on Reddit could not figure out the three parallel stories -- So movie is bad -- Followed by I do not think movie is very complex The movie is too loud -- I think you need to experience live firing of weapons to know loud There are no French soldiers in the movie -- Wrong and more importantly I think you miss the point of brevity else-wise Nolan would have to include the Germans, the Belgians, the Polish and more importantly other men from The Raj There is no blood in the movie -- What has blood got to do with War? People die due to shitty reasons like being in a wrong place at the wrong time No one has to give film school level analysis to justify whether they liked the film or not. No one has to do the opposite either but then you go on ranting about how Nolan is a hack job and shoot yourself in the foot. I do not have to be shown each and everything about a situation because if you try for that, you get flaccid tripe like A Bridge Too Far and L.o.C. Kargil which try to compress weeks of parallel events in a single viewing and make for a piss poor watch because half the time you do not know what is going on. In that sense, he (Nolan) has succeeded in making people go back and read up about the events surrounding Dunkirk, now whether they do this on Wiki or read John Keegan, Antony Beevor, Liddel Hart, Lothar Buchheim or the thousands of other sources is up to them. We got your point when you first stomped into the thread, you do not have to carry on if you feel you are being ganged up on. Thanks.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I bought a normal pencil this week.
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    Sony believes in giving new games rather thn new ui to play with.. haha but i understand xbox users spend more time at homescreen so it has to keep evolving Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Mission Accomplished Plat#96 Gran Turismo 5 Only Indian PSN with trophy. Now onto Severed on Vita
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    What did you want a boner..? Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    Finally got my First nintendo console. Thanks to @blitzkreiig and @l33tmaniac for bearing me and answering my numerous questions. Thank you guys
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    Okay. Now I'm done for a month.
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    Picked one for myself (7) and one for my sis (6s) Finally this CR7 Mercurial Boots
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    Well, 30 days passed and have to agree that the console has been a great experience. Not just personally but also had a lot of fun with family & friends. A lot of awesome moments, late night parties, taking day offs and what not. Reminded me of old days. 10/10 for the console. I absolutely love it. No complaints. Played a bunch of games. Exclusive and multi platform and had a blast. Looking forward to picking up more titles soon. Game of the Year tier - day 1. The Last of Us Remastered - this belongs to top 10 games of all time. Was simply an amazing experience. Even after finishing, I was only thinking about it a week later. Masterpiece. Persona 5 - most likely my game of the year. Cannot express the fun I have while playing this. Great game. The Last of Us: Left Behind - one of the best expansion? Probably, yes. The conversations were the highlights. Lovely little game. Very good tier - must play. God of War III Remastered - this gotta be the most badarse game I've played. Crazy good. Ratchet & Clank - surprisingly very very good. One of those games that anyone can enjoy it. We all love playing it here. Good tier - worth your time. Horizon Zero Dawn - best looking game. A Gorgeous world with a smooth combat. It's your typical AAA open world game. Just play it as an action game to have more fun. Far Cry Primal - this was surprisingly good. The survival mode is challenging. Like it more than Far Cry 4. Trine Enchanted Edition - co-op. Great fun. Driveclub - I'm more of an arcade player but this was still good. Not too sim; nor too arcade. Oh, and looks fantastic. The progression is quite nice too. That's You! - had some moments. Quite a nice game with friends & family. Helldivers - co-op. Tactical and a lot of fun. So many hilarious moments when we ended up killing each other. Prominence Poker - like it for what it is. Little slow but still fun to play. Disney Infinity 3.0 - co-op. We love it except that one race which kept us away for days. Life Is Strange - still the best in the genre. Salt and Sanctuary - solo & co-op. Extremely good. Very challenging. 2D souls-like. inFamous Second Son - better than First Light. I should have just stuck with this instead of playing that. This one is better. Trine 2: Complete Story - co-op. Some fun levels. Has some challenge too. Plague Inc: Evolved - very good time killer and requires a lot of planning. Quite fun to play. Neon Chrome - another fun game. co-op/solo. Nice time killer with solid music. Another try - multiple reasons. Until Dawn - found the characters cheesy and wish I could punch them. I need to give it another try. Bloodborne - stopped due to awful performance. But for what I played, the atmosphere was great. I hope to get back and give it another go before discarding. Below average / boring / meh tier - when you have nothing else to do. Game of Thrones - nope. Just crap. Visuals were below their usual tier and everything else didn't matter at all. Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power - co-op and still eh. Very poor changes to the series. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - kind of okay but got bored. Home - lame walking simulator. No horror, nothing. Journey - I don't get it. I just don't get it. It was nothing but a walking simulator. 2 hours of just walking around. inFamous First Light - one of the worst expansion? Probably, yes. Rogue Legacy - blah. I dig Dark Souls type but this one takes the cake. You have restart entire game upon death is just too much for me. Crazy challenge if you are up for it. Couple more games which I didn't download yet. No regrets with any. One of my favourite purchase of all time. Right there with my PC. Looking forward to playing Uncharted, Kingdom Hearts and more co-op this month.
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    The difficulty easy to very hard just increases HP bars and damage output. The machines still run the same pattern and the arrows do the same job. Except it will take more but that doesn't matter since you are always loaded with shite ton of materials to craft arrows as per your need. It only extends the fight and not add a challenge. What you do in a minute will be just extended to 5 minutes. Go play Primal survival mode and you will understand the difference between challenge vs increasing difficulty means. Rewarding how? There is absolutely NOTHING you buy or get is useful. What's the point? The game just keeps throwing you trashy rewards which do nothing but pile your inventory. What a joke. Yep. Spot on. Very good early game. Maybe first 10-20 hours. After that everything just falls apart like most open world games. But I guess graphics is everything these days. Hidden average package behind every beauty product.
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    Just ban or time out for a while and be done with it. Last few pages have been nothing but trash. Jeez.
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    Got Lg24Mp88hv monitor - 16k
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    Heh, after finishing I was like, yeah, damn, this was worth it. I enjoy playing on PS4 so much. Just laying down on the couch and playing at my own pace, and the best part is still ease of use. It's so simple and relaxing. Wouldn't mind getting Xbox either but it doesn't really have any games which I can't play on PC. So PS4 seems really good. I get to enjoy pretty much all the games. Speaking of games, so far everything has been amazing. I missed these kinds of games. Love PC too but it's not comfy as playing on a console either and I'd take the extra comfort over extra settings any day. Honestly, it doesn't look bad at all. Visually so far every game has been on par with PC unless I go closer to the TV. The frame-rate, I hardly noticed except for Bloodborne. The Last of Us was pure joy to play. I've picked Horizon: Zero Dawn. Really want to try inFamous (looks like a lot of fun) but looking for First Light along with it. Thanks, again.
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    Haven't seen anything about the game. Pretty excited.
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    Welcome to Driveclub GP Driveclub Grand Prix is a 10 week event that will take place over the course of the ten weekends starting August 12th and ending October 14th. Each weekend will have 2 races, so that’s 20 races over the course of next 10 weekends. Weekend 1 - 12th August Weekend 2 - 19th August Pending vote Point System Here’s how it will work: Each race will earn you GP Points as long as you finish anywhere in the top 6 1st Place = 50 2nd Place = 45 3rd Place = 40 4th Place = 35 5th Place = 30 6th Place = 25 But that’s not all. EDIT (Changes highlighted in red) After every race Driveclub awards you points as well for your driving skills. The Driveclub score from each race that weekend will be added up and you will receive additional GP points as per the table below. 1st Highest Score = 20 2nd Highest Score = 17 3rd Highest Score = 14 4th Highest Score = 11 5th Highest Score = 8 6th Highest Score = 5 New - Every week there will be a new challenge. The top 4 scores or time will earn GP Points. 1st Highest Score/Best Time = 20 2nd Highest Score/Best Time = 17 3rd Highest Score/Best Time = 14 4th Highest Score/Best Time = 11 At the end of the 10th Weekend the winner will be the player with the overall highest score. Rules • Open to all IVGians • Participants will be required to be logged in at least 15 minutes prior to decided race time • DNF will be treated as 0 points • No show will be treated as DNF • Disconnection during match will be treated as DNF • After the first person crosses the finish line the race will automatically end in 30 secs. If you do not cross the finish line within that time DC will treat it as a DNF. • Screenshot of progression points screen after the race is required to determine additional GP points. Failure to screenshot it will harm that players overall GP Score. • Participants will have to vote to select 2 race tracks and car for the weekend • Race/Car assists is as per individual preference • Clean racing is upto you. Feel free to take out your opponents, however keep in mind DC deducts points for collisions, corner cutting. The strategy is your choice. • Complaints about the track, track settings, car etc will not be entertained Requirements PSN ID, PS4, Driveclub, PS+, Internet Connection Please remember we are doing this for fun. If you have a headset with a mic feel free to trash talk, but avoid profanity and getting personal etc. There are no prizes at this time, If everyone is open to contributing an amount we can arrange for a prize based on everyone's input. Alternately if a contribution is not possible, based on my financial situation at the end of the GP I may deem it fit to reward the winner with a game or voucher. No promises as I may very well be broke and all the winner may end up with is a custom title or nothing at all [emoji14] To register post your PSN ID in this thread. Participants PSN ID's rileysnotz itsFIGJAM FUNanywhere adityachatu22 GameRXPacifieR scuderia_tifosi maverick_989 aman_is_here Imafia97 HE_MAN843 ducktales Thanks to [mention=5571]hope[/mention] for helping out with setting this up. He'll be in charge of maintaining the scoreboard.
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    Bought a slice of noise cancelling heaven.
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    the irony is rich.
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    Bought a couple of vita games Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got one too, I'll post a picture. I'm upgrading from an iPad Air 2, reason is I'm full on my 64GB space. My buddy has that same car, made him buy it. Such a good car to drive around in the city, I hope you have fun with it. EDIT: Here's my pick ups. Got the Pro through back to school promotions for extra $50 off I believe and those Beats Bluetooth earphones came for free. I'm disappointed how Apple hasn't released a full leather case this time, I ended up getting some third party case on Amazon India for about Rs.1500.
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    Shut up. mspoweruser aka whitewolf aka zodka said it is Full4K. It could run at 480p but it's still Full4K.
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    Ipad pro 10.5 Apple pencil Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That might be asking too much
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    Maybe a WW2 veteran can convince the haters to shove their opinions you know where. No blood am cry. Thats the best you guys have got lmao.
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    No, it's not. Just because the game is good doesn't mean he/she should MUST play. Most of them don't even find Souls or Bloodborne fun and most play video games for FUN. Like it or not, the so called I'M HARDCORE is in the minority. Go figure. And just while we are at "if you like to play games, then X has to be played", I can give you a list of games that you won't bother to look despite being amazing. He asked if this can be enjoyed by a casual player. The answer is NO. End of the discussion.
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    Just heads up for anyone who shops on Amazon.com. Plenty of scammers (99%) have filled the games section with very very cheap listings. Amazon will refund if it's a scam but still save yourself the trouble of waiting. Example: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX - $9 Overwatch - $9 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue - $12.30 Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - $18 etc. Pretty much every (new) game has a similar listing. You might want to avoid it.
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    Currently on chapter 5. Very good so far. I don't find the game slow paced as it is shaping up quite well so far. Kept me engaged right from the start. The combat - stealth is fine. Gunplay is okay as I'm not good at aiming with a controller. However, the tension during the combat makes it more fun. HDR makes a lot of difference. The game looks gorgeous, the sounds effects are fantastic, the characters are very realistic. Love Joel already. Some shots:
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    In other news rooney scores https://www.clippituser.tv/c/ayqbvd
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    Yeah DBZ was shown on Toonami. Now its a separate channel on Indian TV and its quite awesome. It doesn't have the usual crap shown on Disney, CN etc. CN is a f**king joke now. They have sh*t Indian cartoons like Chota Bhim, Ghatotkach or whatever is the useless crap. Massive disservice to the young generation. I hope everyone watches Toonami.
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    Don't miss this. One hell of an experience, unlike any other. Take a bow Ninja Theory ! just wow ! It's about psychosis, fears, delusions and what ppl go through. But is wrapped in a great story and experience . Had a friend once who is no more and went thru similar stuff. Got first hand experience of what he might have been through. And it is terrifying. :( all that aside, it is a unmissable experience. Hours after finishing it I am still overwhelmed and discussing it with my wife and family. The game really achieved its goals and then some ! Took me around 9 hours to finish. And dont worry about the message about death at the begining. Its part of the experience.
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    It is poor sport. No matter how you put it.
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    Say whatever you want the Xbox controllers are so damn goodlooking.
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    XboneX can't do native 4K lmao Also impressive that the upgrade was done in 4 hours. Looks like M$ have handled the software kit really well for XboneX.
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    Got it! Only got a chance to glance through a few pages, so far. It is so detailed in terms of explaining the lore of the game. Some of the things I noticed: - There are names of the enemies that come after the boy, throughout the various stages of the game. There's an explanation for the names. - Details (name) of the tribe. - Trico's length and height. (The polygon count for Trico's body is staggering. The feathers are separate models and add several other thousand polygons to the overall total.) - How the game connects to ICO and SotC. - Why the new studio is called GENDesign. - Guide for all trophies and collectables. - A few details about ICO and SotC with their own respective sections. Basically, a goldmine for a fan.
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    You will have to light agarbatti near your PS4 then only you will get Ganpati theme.
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    Don't fall for that Platinum nonsense. It makes playing games a chore. Like tracking things needed to complete, doing things in specific order, playing games multiple times, playing really useless games just for easy trophies etc. It's stupid and waste of time. You can play multiple good games than spending time on a single game.
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    At least I don't pretend to know all history reading a wiki or some stupid article.
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    The Whole Pandora Box level is just Genius creation.Whatta Level man Even before Blowing the Horn.The whole desert segment was phenomenal.That Eery music where you have to kill 3 mirages i think to pass through was so brilliant and before that you have the full view of the City with Ares in the background destroying the City.Man whaata sight. And before entering that city,there was this awesome pillar puzzle also with that Rope Segment Man i m gonna replay god of war 1 now on my ps2 when i go back to my hometown. My first ps2 game would have been god of war 2 as i thought latest hai toh aur better hoga but my Mom told me to buy part 1 first as first part toh khelo pehle beta And there started the Journey of Kratos Hydra Boss Fight First appearance of Zeus Howly sh*t so many moments man
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    THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. 19 GRAND SLAM SINGLES TITLE. Australian Open: + Wimbledon: + US Open: Roland Garros: His first GRAND SLAM TITLE - 2003 WIMBLEDON (21 years, 333 days) His hopefully not last GRAND SLAM TITLE - 2017 WIMBLEDON (35 years, 342 days) Thank you for a wonderful journey. TENNIS will never be the same without ROGER FEDERER.
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    Snake aur Archit react toh Aise kar rahey the jaise pata na kya dekh liya ho. Lol
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    away and third kits are here [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk