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    The beast is here !! Got one month game pass for now.. Loving it totally... Never liked any Forza game as much as Horizon 4.. Thanks to @santanu18 for alerting this super deal. The below will be up for sale soon !! 2 TB S Console Finally, non gaming beast which landed last !
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    Got this as a gift from the wifey and the Prism white version is really cool.
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    Since the game is currently in maintenance mode, here are few tips who are going to be starting later today/tomorrow. Do the main missions first. The XP is fixed for them. Save side missions as much as possible for later. Do them only if you are very under-levelled for main mission level requirement. You can do both at a time but saving side missions will help you a lot later because the mission rewards are scaled and you get minimum 33% of XP bar. The later levels require a large chunk of XP and these side quests are helpful. Projects are worth keeping an eye on. You don't have to go settlement every time to check. Simply check from your menu. DO NOT sell or dismantle your stuff. Stash all trash as they will save you time with the project requirements. At least till you reach world tier 1. After that, you can start cleaning up but I suggest keeping the stash always full as there are daily projects and whatnot. Project XP is scaled as well. Meaning you can complete them but keep opened as long you want and get more XP later. You can donate items from the map in the projects tab. So no need to run to settlement and check every single time. Matchmaking for main missions works quite well. Make use of it. It's more fun in a group. There is no matchmaking for sides. So prepare yourself well. You can still call for backup and hope someone answers. You should, however, be fine for the majority of the stuff and clear 2 levels below. DO NOT waste time by trying missions that are 3+ level above you; especially Strongholds. They are hard and will frustrate you. You can clear but just longer. You have plenty of challenge later, so don't worry about it. Perks are passive and you can unlock everything. Get XP perks, bonus crafting, more armour-grenade, stash first. You can unlock all skills too. Plan accordingly. You can switch skills while playing and they are super helpful. Additionally, you can set multiple loadouts. However, make sure the gear is right on all loadouts as many will forget updating secondary loadouts every time. Level 30 is max but it means nothing. Once you reach level 30, you will start seeing Gear Score instead and that's when the game beings. Crafting isn't worth your time during an early-mid game. Just save your crafting materials. You will need them for upgrading your bench and also for higher quality items. Recalibration is very nice and useful. Keep the trash stuff with good bonus stats/talents. Gear bonus is not worth looking into the early-mid game. Just focus on gear score till you reach end game. Mod your gear every time you replace an older one. They are super useful. Bounties cost intel. So use them when you are ready for the challenge. You can use all 3 Specializations but only one active at a time. Suggest checking all 3 out and see what fits for your playstyle. Don't forget to get the ammo bonus drop perk. Don't forget to explore. They are rewarding and supplies are useful too. Save your special box keys for end game. Don't waste them on a low level. Tidal Basin is just there in-game but cannot be finished as it is not available to play. So the current world tier is 4. WT5 will unlock in a few days/weeks. Keep all the goodies for WT5. Keep exotics if you find any regardless of their level/score. I guess that covers most of the stuff. The game is packed and loot is raining. Enjoy.
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    Turns 2 today. Throwback: Lol wtf. It will use Cartridges? Everyone is moving towards UHD Blu Ray drives now. PSvita's grave says HI Nintendo can't keep chipping away to the same crowd forever Looks like it will come with optional external graphics processor similar to Razor Stealth Ultra book. Razor stealth support a external dock which enhances graphics capability of the system when connected to a TV for playing graphics intensive games. As long as they don't achieve XB1 or near fidelity on the move I'm not sold With the portable screen its fine,but individually it seems too small So bad. Its going to bomb like Wii U. Can't wait for Super Milkario Bros kart party 10 to be announced at Milkamania 2017 Nintendo event Looks bad. I rather buy PS4 Pro than this weird looking thing That sounds really weak if true. Multiplats are a no then. Same like wii u. Don't expect new games from 3rd party. They all will re-release XboxOne and PS4 games of last year and this year on Switch. That's it. Innovation LOL. More like - Basically it's a rebadged Nvidia Shield TV with some added functionality. Nvidia shield only for Nintendo titles. With added tiny controllers for Deadpool after his hand is mutated and new one is growing up. DAT INNOVATION Nothing unique or innovative about Switch. Razor released something similar. A portable console which plays all PC games. Razor one is also very powerful. Razor one works exactly in same way as Nintendo Switch. It's innovative to Nintendo fans same way iPhones are innovative to Apple fans. They are dead on arrival if its 299$. Guaranteed. Great concept but i dont think nintendo can pull it off and the console is a bit ahead of its time. I can see this being the future though. Someone like sony, ms or even an outside company like google can make this a gamechanger like iphone did. 3 Hour Max battery life. And possibly $300 price tag. Never learn Nintendo. RIP in peace. This will bury Nintendo. At best, they can be a great software company. A *third party* software company. Or they will be purchased outright. @Sach4life
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    The beast looks fresh! The bike isn't too bad either
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    Yeah my wife would kill me if i spend more than 2hrs straight and escape household chores.
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    I'm glad I stuck with the game. Game really picked up around chapter 5. Boss fights at the end were were cool. Really enjoyed the game. But yeah, will remain salty with the chibi style traversal. f**ked up a beautiful world.
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    Why? X didn't gave it to ya?
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    Completed : Enslaved - Odyssey to the West A hybrid game combining the elements of many classic games. The bonding story between monkey and his captor trip through the colorful post apocalyptic world is amazingly paced by solid platforming, occasional frustrating driving sections, very basic and satisfying Combat and puzzles along with action set pieces and tricky Boss battles. Every element in the game although not at all deep or truly its own, it's just the mix of them together that makes enslaved a special game. The game's affecting issues and lack of polish does not make it much less of a worthwhile experience for its well paced and varied journey. PS - f**k the cloud chase sections on hard.
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    OSCAR for Best Animated Feature - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
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    His hair and them hairworks
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    4$, awesome price and awesome game. Both pc/XB1 https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/games/gears-of-war-4-xbox-one-digital-code
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    Good eye opener, they will know that lot of stuff is being taken for granted.
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    Yeah, just finished and damn...THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Short but not a single dull moment. Right from the start an absolute joyride. Full of action-packed. Cons: Urizen was meh Lack of UW support. Should be added soon. Pros: Silky combat and moves. Not so bad music. Really it was pumping and didn't feel bored at all. V's combat turned out quite fun. Very enjoyable. Solid characters and each had their own charm. Each character has enough depth to fill a game by themselves. Level design was nice along with a good variety of enemies. Some good exploration for upgrades. Plenty of bosses which were cool to fight except for Urizen who was meh. Visually solid along with the performance. This engine is excellent. Very nice story with good twists. Good amount of unlockables/skills and replay value. One of the coolest game made and easily best DMC game. This one is must play. Can't wait for the next one. Oh and NERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Inside Xbox is back on Tuesday, March 12 @ 5PM ET/2PM PT. Tune in for exciting news involving Halo: The Master Chief Collection, alongside more reveals we can't leak just yet…. Featuring: Halo: Master Chief Collection DayZ One Piece World Seeker Xbox Game Pass 99.99% MCC PC version announcement.
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    Just look at that gameplay and animations, a new bar will be set. He puts all his energy into the sword to thrust deep within the enemy.
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    Come on, Trine 4 deserves a thread of its own. Day 1. Looks like they are going back to their 2D roots. Can't wait.
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    Nothing you idiots, Dr.Dre's dead, he's locked in my basement. I apologize for that, and I'll show myself out.
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    Finally saw Sacred games. It is f**king legit bro. Easily the best Indian series I have ever seen. The acting and cinematography is just unbelievably good. Like holy sh*t it is a gorgeous looking series, the sets are amazing. I dont know who did location scouting for this but bravo. And Nawazuddin siddiqui is phenomenal (as usual, easily the best Indian actor I have ever seen). Only negative I would say is the sex scenes are too gratuitous. Feels like some of the sex and nudity in there is just so they can go "Yeah we can show this in India now".
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    Spotify could launch in India over the next 24 hours, after the Bombay High Court denied Warner/Chappell’s request for an injunction earlier today https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/spotify-could-launch-in-india-today-as-high-court-rejects-warner-chappell-injunction/ this is huge news, Finally we might have Spotify available in India
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    Got these games, Also got overcooked Digitally and loved it to the core.