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~The TV Shows Thread~

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...and finished. Very enjoyable and done well. Didn't drag like other Netflix shows. Just 8 episodes of 25 minutes each.


Very well paced, written and acted. Good music. A simple yet complex concept which is always fun to watch. 


This show delivered, and I was not expecting anything at all. Even if they don't make season 2, it would be still perfect. 

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48 minutes ago, Sach4life said:

Peaky Blinders is so much fun. 


One of the all-time best. Cillian Murphy is amazing! 


5 hours ago, Aloy said:

Is the on going season of Modern Family any good? I enjoyed the last one for reference.


It's been a drag since season 5. The current season has been dull with some good moments here and there. You are not missing much. 


5 hours ago, adity said:

I'm still hurt that Netflix puts out so much trash but didn't pick up Dirk Gently. Cancellation of that show is a huge loss for mankind. 


Was too good. e3K2h82.png 

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Future Man - season 2


Wow, what a massive disappointment. e3K2h82.png Slow...super slow boring drag with barely any laughs. The season was all over the place and made no sense. The entire thing with NAG was just monotonous. No chemistry between characters. None of the funny lines landed. No energy. Nothing worked. 


Season 1 feels like a completely different show when compared. 



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