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Movie Discussion Thread Vol. 2


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3 hours ago, achilles said:
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Yeah, they went after the two hobbits, at the end of fellowship. But, after they'd met Gandalf and received information on the hobbits, they decided to move on to Rohan. 

The second part I didn't get from the movies. They do show a map, but I guess I didn't follow it well enough. They certainly weren't allies till that point. The king refused to ask for support. 


I made that point because if I was Aragorn, the true king(?) of Gondor, tactically I'd immediately think of going to Gondor specially after Boromir's death. They needed to save Merry & Pippin, and one that quest was over midway, I would've gone to Gondor, amassed their support, gotten a goddamn army, and then moved on to Rohan to convince the king to join. 

They didn't know that Isengard was moving in  on to Rohan right then. Plus that whole pardoning Wormtongue reminded me of the banishing of Raghav Chetan in Padmavat. I knew that would come back to bite them in the a*s. 





They knew Rohan was in danger. Eomer was one of the princes of Rohan - and he was exiled. A major red flag right there. They also knew Wormtongue was poisoning Theoden's mind, from Eomer's account. And Saruman's treachery was already known - Gandalf reported it at the Council of Elrond. If Saruman turned traitor, the first place he would attack was Rohan. There was nowhere else he could attack. They were literally next door neighbors.


Also, this is from Return of the King extended edition (Scene not available in theater edition, so it will not clarify this for you). So read this only if you are watching the theaterical/standard edition movie and not the extended edition -




The Ents would not have succeeded if Rohan fell. When the Ents attacked, Isengard was virtually empty. But Saruman was safe in his tower. That could not be broken. If Rohan fell, Saruman's army would have returned, finished off the Ents and joined in the War. All this happened much before War of Pellanor fields, so instead of the Rohirrim, you would have seen more Orcs march up to aid the Witch King in ROTK





Regarding Wormtongue (Again, only read if you are not watching the extended version; this is not shown in the theaterical version) -



Ultimately, Wormtongue was the one who finished off Saruman. Despair at Rohan and false promises made him turn to Saruman, but in the end he was the one who killed him. 


Regarding drumming up support -



What do you think Aragon was doing? There was no need to drum up support within the city of Gondor. They were being attacked continuously and would have fought anyway. What was needed was foreign support and to ensure they get to get to Gondor on time to be of some help, before the situation became hopeless.


There are some major deviations in the movies from the books, but ultimately, nothing is unnecessary. If possible, watch the extended editions of the 3 movies, and then you will know what was unnecessary and what was not.

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3 hours ago, Aftrunner said:

Honestly, A quiet place 2 should have released digitally. All it will take is a few idiots in a theater to spoil the experience. 


people munching popcorn triggered me so much when watching A Quiet Place :lol: 

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Disney Pulls 'Artemis Fowl' from theaters; will debut on Disney +


Mulan - July 24 2020

The French Dispatch - October 16 2020

Black Widow - November 6 2020 - taking The Eternals' spot.

Free Guy - December 11 2020

Jungle Cruise - July 30 2021
The Eternals - February 12 2021
Shang-Chi - May 7 2021
Dr. Strange 2 - November 5 2021

Thor: Love and Thunder - February 18 2022
Black Panther 2 - May 8 2022
Captain Marvel 2 - July 8 2022

Harrison Ford’s “Indiana Jones 5,” initially launching in summer of 2021, has moved to Aug. 29, 2022. 🥺

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15 hours ago, Chirag2001 said:

My mum wants to watch Marriage Story. Shall I watch it with her? 

There aren't any sex scenes or nudity but it does have some sexual references and also quite a bit of profanity.


Check this for more info. Has a couple of very mild spoilers.


If you're okay with that, then go ahead.


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29 minutes ago, STICK3Rboy said:

There aren't any sex scenes or nudity but it does have some sexual references and also quite a bit of profanity.


Check this for more info. Has a couple of very mild spoilers.


If you're okay with that, then go ahead.



Yeah this checks out. Although its not my kinda movie so I might just let my mom watch it :) 

Thanks man. 

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My parents and I thought we'd watch Zero Dark Thirty, as we'd never got a chance to see it before. We generally liked movies of the type.

I guess I didn't think it through, because my mom got a bit squeamish at the torture scenes....

So we decided to pause it for now, and watch the rest in the afternoon. We don't need any more nightmares.


For whoever has watched the movie, are there more scene which could be a problem? Specific torture sequences are difficult. Gunshots, bombing, thats not too much. 

Would be very helpful, thank you!



We've watched upto the point where the suicide bomber blows up the girl (Jessica) in the military camp in Afghanistan when he gets out of the car. 


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