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Resident Evil Village


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Finished it. I still like re7 more than this but that's just because of my preference with the intimate setting and cast of characters. RE8 is absolutely amazing in everything including and especially the boss fights. 


The story is easy to follow as well but maybe I'd loved a better written antagonist. 


Also this games end credit song does not hold candle to re7s end credit song. 


Capcom is my favorite studio now. Almost all games since re 7 bar re 3make is a classic. 


They also seem to be very self aware. 

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5 hours ago, b!T said:


RE4 felt longer to me due to the anxiety. What a game it is.

Yup I easily spent more than 25-30 hours playing on the PS2.. Must try this game if you love RE4, that save game music still lingers in my head.. 

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2 hours ago, SpearHea:D said:

House Beneviento :majesty:. What an amazing experience.


I was playing this level around midnight and had to get my speakers volume down, it really gets on you..


Hope @Tyler has crossed that, on the stream however he gave a disclaimer that the scary portion hasn't started yet but you never know.. He even said game feels like Uncharted but once someone goes through this level, its like RE7 all over again :devil:

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14 minutes ago, cyberpunk said:

Lot of hype for this game, haven't played any RE since RE5. Will it matter in any way or I should directly play this?

You need to play RE7 first as RE Village is its direct sequel. 

If you have a PS5 and Ps Plus, RE7 is free

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