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2 hours ago, RV1709 said:

Oh man. I was dead set on buying this on PC over ps5. Now I don’t know 

Normally modern games supports the DualSense on PC same way as it does on PS5. With Haptic, Adaptive trigger and all.

Example: Deathloop, Death Stranding DC, Ghostwire Tokyo, AC Valhalla, COD, Dying Light 2, Metro Exodus, Far Cry 6 and list goes on....

and I can vouch for Deathloop, Valhalla, Dying Light 2, Metro Exodus, FC6 as I have these on PC.

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1 hour ago, icestrok said:

Where can we get a deluxe edition/steel book for ps5? I don’t think Amazon stocks these. I’d like the deluxe edition for the thestral, but don’t want to go digital.  

Games the shop, ppgc and other maybe even local games shop will have different available editions. Check when the pre-order begins. 

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13 hours ago, playstationdude said:

Not worth 300 dollars imo

That conversion is incorrect. Someone mentioned on twitter. They messed up converting from some other currency. Lets wait till evening to see actual price when preorders go live.

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