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5 minutes ago, Kumar123 said:

Shouldn't this be the way with all games?


I have faith on first party titles from Sony or Nintendo cause their failure rates are minimal to 0. So, i tend to pre-order them. Rest i wait.

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2 hours ago, Heaven Angel said:

so you'll be playing 4 days early.


3 days early. Game unlocks on 7th February 2023. I mostly got it for the Thestral mount and the Dark Arts area they showed in the last showcase, to be honest. It's the only way to get it, AFAIK. The early unlock is an added bonus.

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2 hours ago, Vaibhavp said:

Digital edition means you can't sell it either.


I've liked what I've seen so far. And I want to play it day-1, regardless of reviews and all that. So... Pre-ordered it.


I have a PS5 Digital Edition. So, Digital Editions of games are all that I can buy.

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15 hours ago, Agent 47 said:

Their portfolio contains only mobile games except for this one. Hence, its better to wait and see.


Not really. They have been making Disney Infinity games for the past 10 years, all of which have reviewed well. But yeah, this will be their first proper AAA game

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1 hour ago, CarbonCore said:


Yeah, so far it looked like a generic AAA game in Harry Potter setting with UI straight outta AssCreed. So far the only day one on my radar is DS remake.


It will be nuts if they are able to hit Assassin's Creed quality. 


Being a fan of Harry Potter books that is.

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