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The Stock Market thread


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38 minutes ago, Da Gabru said:

How does Paytm IPO looks like being over valued, over hyped with crappy interface and unclear future plans? Looking for listing gains  purely being part of gullible population. :P

Don't think so it will have listing gains. It's a huge IPO.

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Price increases undertaken by Britannia:


1% increase in Q1

4% increase in Q2


They will take a 7.5% increase in Q3

and a 10% increase in Q4


That's 24% in a year.


Margin pressure quite evident.

Increases will bode well for the company but not for the consumer.

Let's see if the consumption remains the same.

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17 minutes ago, KnackChap said:


Missed it at days low. Will set a gtt for it at 3550 and keep adding till 3400~3350. Still has weekly bearish momentum. Apna time aayega. 



Same here. By the time I checked and added funds it was late. I’ve set gtt for 3550. 

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3 minutes ago, dante77 said:

Seeing how these IPOs are performing with hype. I am applying.

Latent View is what I want though.

Both Paytm and sapphire foods won't be having much listing gains, looking at subscription status and grey market premium. Though I feel sapphire foods will be good for long term investment.

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