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PlayStation vs Xbox vs Nintendo thread

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2 hours ago, Snake said:

The last time a God of War game released it went up against another game which iirc scored higher (RDR2).


We all know how that went.


But then ER is a different beast altogether.


Also lol at using a multiplat game in a console war Thread

RDR was robbed ?

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8 minutes ago, RV1709 said:

Well, we know it’s definitely not an Xbox game because they don’t even have contenders this year ?

f**k contenders dude.


Irrespective if we see it or not 

Irrespective if it releases this year or not.


It is GOTY

& so is Redfall. 
& ForzaM 8


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1 hour ago, SaiKO said:

You bash everything that is related to M$. Just because M$ bought bethesda now you think Bethesda games gonna bomb. 

if sony would have bought them you would be singing songs about Starfield now. 


but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s Betehsda’s game so everyone who are well versed with their games are pretty excited. 

btw have you played Elden ring? Seems like you are pretty much sure GOW Ragnarok gonna win GOTY.  



Though Bethesda is a respectable company, but i think spender makes all the business decisions now. Nadella has given too much powers to spender. 


I predict Todd Howard leaving the company post Starfield. He might retire or be independent like kojima. 


Have you ever wondered why arkane is suddenly making an mp title. Sp was their forte. 


What changed. 

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Welp. Which of the following arguments should we go back to? Pls pick one or all


Sales dont matter

Xbox is beyond consoles

The new metric is user engagement on a subscription

VG charts is unreliable 

Xbox is market leader


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44 minutes ago, radicaldude said:

The problem with a digital only future. 






Rockstar did they same before they launched the remastered trilogy. And we know how that went 



Yup, i could totally go out and buy discs of these games cause they are so readily available.


Even my local kirana store have some.

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12 minutes ago, Vamos said:






Imagine asking $10 to play Halo 10,Gears 9 & Forza 14 to play next gen version or their demos when all three & all of their prequel chain are fully up for $0.87 :rofl: .





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Don't see the reason why any politics should be in this thread.


Though doesn't really matter. It was a good quarter. Hardware seems to be moving and also the best selling new gen console. 

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