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IVG Community Showcase: November - Win Cyberpunk 2077

IVG Community Showcase: November Finalists  

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IVG Community Showcase: November - Win Cyberpunk 2077


After three months of the IVG Showcase packed with great entries from the IVG Community, we’re now at the final month of the showcase. And as promised, the IVG member with the winning entry this month will win what is possibly this year’s most anticipated release.


In case you’re new to the IVG Community Showcase, here’s a recap:


The IVG Community Showcase is a way for us to highlight – and reward – some of the coolest gameplay moments from the IVG community, whether it’s a great kill streak, a speed run, some skilled stealth gameplay or an amazing goal. Regardless of which games you play, and which platform you game on, you can be part of the IVG Community Showcase. Once you’ve got a great gameplay clip you’d like to share, here’s how you can participate:

  • Upload the clip to a social media platform of your choosing. Make sure you tag/mention IVG in the post.
  • Post a link to your clip in this thread


Win Cyberpunk 2077

As we did with Marvel’s Avengers, and Watch Dogs Legion this month’s winner will also win a high-profile new release. For month four, we’re giving away Cyberpunk 2077. The winner will be able to choose the platform of their choice: PC, PS4 or Xbox One. The game will also be eligible for a free upgrade to next-gen consoles in 2021.


Picking a winner

Once the last date for entries has passed, the IVG team will shortlist the best clips. We will then create a poll and invite the community to vote on their favourite clip. The clip with the most votes will be selected as the winner.


The Rules

While you’re welcome to share any and every cool gameplay clip of yours with the community, here are some rules to keep in mind to be eligible to win a prize:

  • You have to be residing in India
  • You must be a member of the IVG forums to be able share your clips. It's free and easy to sign up and there's plenty in store for gamers, from discussing your favourite games to great deals on preowned games and consoles
  • You must tag or mention IVG in your social media post containing your gameplay clip. That way we know it was intended as an entry into the IVG Community Showcase
  • The social media post and clip should be no older than one month from the date of posting it on the IVG forums.
  • Prize on chosen platform will be subject to stock availability
  • Campaigning for votes is not allowed. If there is any suspicion of rigging the polls, the concerned entry will be disqualified and its votes will be nullified.


Last date for entries: November 22





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hope - FIFA 20 comeback





eddy4823 - Holding B in Laguna Presa





dylanjosh - Overwatch Moira End Game Win





STICK3Rboy - Crash Bandicoot 4 - Hit the Road - Platinum Time Trial Relic





realsoccerdude111 - Battlefield 4 Montage





Parth Solanki - nodamage-bare handed(no weapons)-level1 kratos-gmgow difficulty



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My 2 entries. Absolute Epic Epic Comebacks :wOOtjumpy:


First Entry, in one half went from 2-4 to 5-4


Second entry, almost lost game to winning by 2 goals. 72 mins 2-4 down to winning 6-4 :)


Hope i win :P

Edited by hope
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