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8 minutes ago, Right said:

1. Why Jadeja is bowling Over the wicket to Right handlers?


2. Why Siraj has scrambled seam setup and not straight up to get swing?


Jadeja is bowling to the rough. 
He's trying to hold 1 end up. 



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6 minutes ago, Nathan.Drake said:

the cheerleader we need, but not the one we deserve. 

Neither we need him, nor he deserves to be there.


Where his counterpart Root who was supposed to be a tinge inferior to him has gone strength to strength, our boy has gone frmo MC BC to Bhangra!!

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1 hour ago, AtheK said:

Kohli is playing as the cheerleader of the team.

BSDKohli needs to be sacked. Shameless fellow can't even score 50 runs in total in 2 innings, and celebrates like a chimp.

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Bowling has been not able to replicate to same intensity in 2nd innings too, we were mediocre in SA too while bowling second.


that said the top order needs a revamp. Kohli, vihari and Iyer need to go, Iyer can probably play in subcontinent.

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How are we losing this game :nerves: Could have been a Test series win in Eng after so long, But our batters let us down in the 2nd innings. Should have scored 325+. 


Now we need to win 5 out of our remaining 6 (2 vs Bang & 4 vs Aus) fixtures to qualify for the WTC Final 2023. 


Team selection is fine tbh, Can't sack people based on 1 match. 

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