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Sony Acquires Bungie Studios

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Just now, Vaibhavp said:

Can anyone explain why this acquisition is so expensive when Insomniac was 229 million?


IMO because Bungie already has a huge name for itself and a very major IP in Destiny?


AFAIK Insomniac was already a 2nd party studio before it was acquired and all of it's major IPs belonged to Sony already. They had 1 recognizable independent IP in their name, that they themselves developed without Sony's help - Sunset Overdrive, and it was not even that successful. All their other IPs, which they worked on - already belonged to Sony and was funded by Sony in the first place. 


As far as I know, Sony literally built up Insomniac in the first place (It was Sony funding that allowed Insomniac to get recognition IMO).

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On 1/31/2022 at 11:50 PM, hsk_colossus said:

Maybe finally a great first party FPS on ps5.. bungie make awesome FPS!

They will school GG how to make good shooters.


They by default top tier shooter studios for Sony. 

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21 hours ago, Vaibhavp said:

Wondering when will Nintendo start buying stuff.


Also kudos to Sony for realising they can't do sh*t in online shooter space, so bought Bungie instead.

So that they can butcher the franchise to cater to that iphone 7 lvl hardware? Like they did with Bayonetta series? No thanks. :D 

Nintendo should just stick on being weird and sell us Mario, zelda and pokemon and stop thinking about downsizing the potentiality of games for their inferior hardware which runs their own game like poop. (Hyrule warriors)

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People are dumb if they think making an exclusive would be good for games like Destiny just to sell some more consoles. Live games make money out of MTX/addons and that makes more money than games/hardware.


Here is SONY's latest report




$8b out of MTX/DLCs. Now imagine how more Destiny with their yearly expansion, 4 seasons, extra dungeons and Eververse store will bring. Just people because here have no interest in cosmetics doesn't mean the world isn't buying. Video game companies literally make the most money out of it. 


Can't compare to $7b of what MS paid to Zenimax as they are mostly single-player stuff with an exception of ESO/FO76 and a completely different focus. Destiny is huge with 0 competition. All those "destiny-killers" died trying while Bungie continues to dominate even with half-arsed stuff because they know their audience now. 

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