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14 hours ago, b!T said:

Been play Mass effect LE for past week. Finished ME and ME2, now at the end of ME3. What a brilliant trilogy it is. Old bioware was a force to be reckoned with.


But they just had to put out that garbage Andromeda and forced by EA to make Anthem after that.


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3 hours ago, PhantomShade said:


But they just had to put out that garbage Andromeda and forced by EA to make Anthem after that.



Quality had been deteriorating gradually anyway. After Mass Effect 2, they did Dragon Age 2 - which was not that great. Then they messed up the ending in Mass Effect 3. Then they did Inquisition - which was simply OK. It was carried by the Dragon Age name, but was nothing special. Definitely nothing compared to Dragon Age Origins or mass Effect 2. Then a break, in which quality deteriorated even more. We had Andromeda, which was frankly boring. Then we had Anthem - which no one other than EA executives even asked for.


All the while we had Overlord EA doing stuff like carving out story essential plot points from the main game and selling it as DLC, the horrible multiplayer in ME 3 (Galactic readiness) - which even directly affected the ending etc.


Now frankly I think Bioware is just a shell. EA is simply trying their luck to see if the IPs can be revived or permanently shelved. They can't even get out DA4 on time or even generate any hype for it.


Right now, other studios - non EA devs - have completely taken over what Bioware used to do.

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