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The Xbox Series X|S thread

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19 minutes ago, AnK said:

Get ready to celebrate:- 


13 Forza games 

10 Halo games 

9 Gears games 

4 Fable games 

1 Alan Wake 

1 Splinter Cell


One hell of a ride,a bit repetitive though. 


Missing a lot of stuff there.


Ori, KOTOR, Ninja Gaiden from top of my head. A ton of classic stuff.

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2 minutes ago, Vaibhavp said:

Ninja Gaiden

Ended up being Multiplatform within no time.

Didn’t count games which were timed exclusives for a year or two. 


Also didn’t count indies. 
& Something that was on og Xbox maybe & totally off my Raider.



Was one hell of a run through. 
(Gears,Halo,Conviction & AlanW only for me personally) 

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2 minutes ago, triggr happy ss said:

i would just love to see some new gameplay of already announced game before this year ends.


That would be really enticing. 

Please Xbox do what this man says atleast once in the lifetime. 



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8 hours ago, RV1709 said:

How are you’ll cleaning the console especially the dust gathered near the top fan and behind. Q tip?

I opened the back plate and did a deep clean. 
Fan is easily accessible and removable.

There’s also a lot of dust build up in the heat sink. 

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1 hour ago, Assassins Creed said:


Wow, any quick video? 


52 minutes ago, RV1709 said:

Same request.


Here’s the video  


If you're careful, you can peel the warranty sticker without tearing it to access the screw. 

I blew the heat sink with canned air and vacuumed it. 

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