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Just now, radicaldude said:



Can i then bet a $100 mil on the match youll see after 19 years- that india will get thrashed mercilessly and the opposition will win by 10 wickets? 


Bet all you want but i'll be 55 and probably six feet under :P

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56 minutes ago, Banz said:

Pfft... T20 is not real cricket anyways <_<


ODIs are done.


I totally see, Champions Trophy moving into T20 format as the Asia Cup did.


T20 will be the mainstream LOIs, ODIs will be side-dishes, Testa are and will remain the maincourse.


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13 hours ago, b!T said:

I stopped watching complete matches after 2003 ODI WC final where Australia thrashed India for the cup. After that in past 19 years, apart from some scores from websites and short clips, I have never watched a cricket match. Never watched a T20 match in its entirety until today and wow, today reminded me of 2003 again. See you again in another 19 years :lol:


The world cup I have never missed since I am old enough to remember starts in 9 days so excited for that :P

Noooo way,seriously you missed so much that you have no idea, you missed the decade of virat .

My advice is pls dont do this again.

This is something i have also done after dhoni got run out in 2019 world cup,it continued till the starting of this year.


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‘7 Buzurg’ Jadeja Uses Explosive Remark To Slam Rohit, Dravid


Throughout the year, there was no continuity within the team. Starting from the captain to the head coach, everyone was more focused on taking breaks than fulfilling their duties towards the motherland.


The experts kept saying that playing for the country should be a cricketer’s top priority, not the IPL but, they turned a blind eye. While other teams were more or less confident of what their squad would shape up like at the marquee event, the Indian management kept chopping and changing, trying new faces and then discarding them after a few poor performances, throughout the year.


The likes of Ishan Kishan adhered to India’s new game plan of playing attacking cricket were not even considered when the squad was picked. They went ahead and picked players with a huge reputation while ditching the in-form players.


As a leader of the group, it was Rohit’s duty to spend as much time with the squad as possible and test himself out in different conditions. But sadly, he did the complete opposite. Instead of spending more time on the field, he kept missing almost every alternate series.


During this period, India matched the record of fielding the most number of different captains in the calendar year. The team saw as many as seven different captains leading the team. Throughout the year, the captaincy was handed out for fun.


“Main ek baat bolunga jo chubhegi agar Rohit Sharma sunenge. Agar team banaani hai kisi captain ko, toh usko saare saal team ke saath rehna padta hai. Poore saal me Rohit Sharma kitne daure pe rahe? Ye hindsight me nahi keh raha, ye main pehle bhi bola hu. Aapne team banani hai, aur aap saath nahi rehte. Coach bhi New Zealand nahi jaa rahe.  Ghar ka ek hi buzurg hona chahiye, saat buzurg honge toh bhi dikkat hai."


Rohit Sharma brought this criticism onto himself. Looking at the number of breaks he took, it never felt like he was preparing for a major event. He and his team have let the whole country down and the fans have every right to criticise them.




well said :hi2:



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It's actually appalling that Rohit comes out and says we batted well, but bowling let us down.


Even after defeats i don't think Virat came out and backed shitty performances. 


We literally played with 3 batsmen throughout the tournament. 


We reached semis only because of Virat's brilliance.. 

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Still can't understand on what basis kl. Rahul is rested for nz series he definitely backed out due to swinging conditions. 


Worst opener India has, they should forfeit his vc as well as he doesn't deserve at all. Rohit though seems to be continuing his captaincy. 


Probably Kohli would also have to retire from t20 as his game is 160-180 but t20 has moved on. But he would be beast again in ODI

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